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Embarrassing moments with the Aneros
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I thought in this worldwide community of Aneros users surely there have had to have been at least a few embarrassing moments whilst using the Aneros. For example taking a shit and forgetting the gizmo was still up your asshole or perhaps you bombarded your neighbourhood with a deluge of farts in all shapes, hues, smells and sizes OR maybe, during fucking, your Aneros 'took off' and you covered your fuckbuddy with shit and piss...anything......come on down, put yourself in the spotlight, let us read all about it!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Helixer. :D

    Your quest for "...a deluge of farts in all shapes, hues, smells and sizes..." suggests you have bit of synaesthesia, maybe??

    Sometimes I experience another's fart as the sensation of a bolt of coloured cloth, unfolding from the usual area of the emitting person's wardrobe, defying gravity and floating weightless through the space and occasionally wrapping around among others in the space. As to whether they have recently had an aneros session, none to date could be so identified.

    full multi-sensory spectacles of bodily deep relaxations all

  • :roll: :shock: and this is related to aneros how? :roll: :x
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    @artform: I wouldn't call it a quest, just maybe a slight side-effect of Aneros use. I think I'm probably overdosing the lube...anyway....I was just browsing some of the topics and there are quite a few excrement related topics, so I thought there must be quite a few interesting anecdotes out there..... things ppl want to get off their chest......desafortunademente.....

    I wouldn't call it synaesthesia but 'figuratively speaking' , so what exactly are you on? I want some of that :)Where can I buy it?

    Btw; I'm getting good results with the KSMO practise, especially after the session. I put on that Kelly Howell xtc cd and do 'chakra'breathing and now my the feeling is very similar to the Aneros....just an amazing feeling orgasmic energy gushing thru you

    @ArticWolves: saw your Eupho xtube video and I admire your audacity to put something like that on the www but maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'm sure there are a lot of thankful ppl out there and really appreciate what you've done, but still you can never be too careful right? I wish I could let myself go like that with the vocalising....Do you just not bother about neighbours or have you get special soundproof rooms?

    Gonna get a few grams of hash in the weekend, last time was 1,5 months ago, and although I've had some dry o's and great sessions and feeling like I'm cumming as aftereffect without the Aneros next morning...the orgasms last a minute maximum and then subside....I've only had Super O's with hash so I'm going to break in my Eupho in the best possible way.

    You don't seem to be using that much lube at all. With the Aneros IMO the more lube the better, but yeah some serious shitting and farting as a side effect.Have you diminished your use over time or have you always used as little as that?
  • I have diminished the amount of lube I have used over time. Before I was just piling it on but there's no need imho. In regards to my videos being audacious my answer to that is thank you for the compliment. :P Someone has to be willing to do it. Back on subject, I just don't understand how flatulence or covering people in shit is related to aneros but whatever floats your boat I guess. :roll:
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i was in the middle of a session when the postman came to the door with a parcel i had to sign for as it was too big for the post box he is an asshole if you dont answer the door strait away he goes away and you have to go into town to collect it so i flung on some tracksuit bottoms and answerd the door with the progasm stuck up my ass.
    when i stand up the progasm "but not the helix" tends to fly out unless i clench really tight i must have been red faced he probably thought i was having a wank " the traditional way" that was a little embarasing :oops:
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    hehe, now we're getting somewhere ;)

    I knew there had to be at least one person.

    @ArcticWolves: I suggest you try to at least comprehend what's actually being said(at least read the title). I recall you misreading something I wrote before and artform correcting you(around the time you said you were leaving the forum and never coming back).....anyway no big deal.....keep up the good work!!!
  • Wow, you're right I completely misread your reply to my video of being audacious ;). Thanks for the compliment. However, I read your title and am pretty sure I understood it. Unfortunately, after your title you're writing about farts and other scat stuff. I believe I'm comprehending your title just fine but your writing after the title says differently. That's the only reason I questioned you.

    Helixer said:

    bombarded your neighbourhood with a deluge of farts in all shapes, hues, smells and sizes

    Helixer said:

    you covered your fuckbuddy with shit and piss

    I understand all's you want to do is get people to write about their most embarrassing moments with the aneros, but using these as examples has me thinking completely different and I'm not the only one. :shock: :?
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    These are examples of things that could happen that might be embarrassing and that IMO isn't something that 'rocks my boat'. Moreover, the examples I mentioned don't seem that farfetched the Aneros being an analtoy.....let me elaborate, at least I've had some experiences, but maybe I'm the only one....One time my Progasm slipped out covering my covers with a mixture of shit and lube, now that's not really funny if I thought it was I would have mentioned it earlier, but at the same time I can imagine something similar happening that may be funny.

    I told a friend once that the Aneros was just like xtc. He sent me this picture.(the dolphin was the name of the type we took). And yeah that picture I find hilarious. The Aneros is great but I guess when taking it up the ass, shit can happen. I obviously prefer the Aneros to xtc, but still I wish they'd design something that would give it more elegance( like the dolphin)and that would do the same from the outside....Maybe the Aneros doesn't make you crap like a horse or have any other adverse side-effects then I guess this topic isn't for you
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I just tried out my Eupho and I think I am the one that misread, I thought it was meant to be an informative video, but now that Ive tried it myself I think it was uber superfluous, so it could have only be your pathetic attempt at exhibitionism.....Very fucking great....really amazing, what a range of possible sensations.I had to take it out coz it exhausted me, change for the Peridise.... great combi's possible......Still,after the Eupho experience I was just wondering how you could be such a morose little bitch ;)After so many sessions of this kind of bliss I'd develop the Christ consciencenous....'Turn the other cheek, let me be with me fuckin Aneros Father'....but surely that's the danger, becoming an addict anything that gives you such a rush must be.....maybe that's what fucked you up...withdrawelsymptoms..... :lol:
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    the title was embarassing moments and helixer gave a few extreme examples just to get the ball rolling whats not to understand
    artform mentioned synesthesia i recently watched a bbc documentary on this its fascinating one guy tasted words every word had a different taste he gave examples like tired tasted like plums and hello tasted like pears crush tasted like vomit a women could see a three dimensional number grid in front of her which she could manipulate kind of like an abacus and the experts reckon its caused by two unrelated parts of the brain being cross connected they also said einstien had the spatial awareness and mathamatical parts of his brain connected in this way which gave him the ability to understand motion and gravity etc in ways we can barely grasp cool eh! :)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Had guests for Thanksgiving. After dinner my cousin's wife was emptying the dishwasher and found an SGX hanging from the rear of the upper rack (it had been forgotten several loads before.) I did a major 'gulp' as she handed it to me asking where I kept, "your Aneros toys."

    Her wink and casual familiarity also outed "cousin Frank." While we've not become 'arsehole buddies' over this, we've chatted about our toy boxes and future acquisitions. We did exchange, "you super-O'ed yet?" ... Nope and nope. We've not discussed any specifics, feelings, attitudes etc.

    Amazing how the anonymity of the Forum works ones "openness and informality."