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Forum, we have a problem!
  • Lately there have been a number of posts, all with a common thread:

    "I just got my (Aneros), I tried it and it doesn't work."

    Another one just yesterday.

    Guys, we are so pleased that you've decided to join our fraternity. It's a wonderful group, and you're on your way to, hopefully, a new experience in your life.

    BUT Are you setting yourselves up for disappointment?

    The message those posts send to me is: I want my orgasm and I want it now!

    OK, backing up. PLEASE guys. Do your homework. Read the Wiki...the whole thing! Read the STICKIES at the top of the forum. Your Aneros is not a magic wand (Oh, but it is) that can automatically call up intense satisfaction the first time you stick it up your bum!

    Read DARWIN's post below called "my theory of orgasm success" before you do anything else. Then go to the Wiki and read it all. THEN, hopefully, you'll get an idea of the process of rewiring and the way to approach the use of your Aneros.

    Not to discourage you, but as part of your education follow this current thread:

    Once you get it through your head that this is a marathon not a sprint, and we're talking about changing your whole way of thinking about orgasm, THEN ask your questions, THEN come here for advice on how to enhance your experience. THEN we can, hopefully help you to GROW in your Aneros experience. Until then, learn to walk before you run.

    Some of our brethren have been working at it for a long time, but it's their ATTITUDE that is sustaining their quest for Super O. An attitude that seeks fulfillment at some time in the future, maybe not now, but someday...and that paradigm shift is what enables us all to ultimately succeed.

    You will, too. But take time to learn.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I agree with your thinking here. As you may recall when you first joined the Forum, I sent you a Personal Message with some tips and hints to get you started in the right direction. Likewise, hundreds of our fellow members have also received this PM which directed them to some of the information sources you mentioned (the WIKI and Sticky's). I still have approximately 500 PM's dating back to August 2008 to newly signed up members waiting in my 'outbox' for them to retrieve. Unfortunately, new members who join the Forum may be totally unfamiliar to this Forum and have no idea of these resources and thus are unable to avail themselves of this large body of knowledge.

    I assume some are asking these questions, not because they are too lazy to read up on it, but because they don't know of its existence. When this is the case, I think we regular member/contributors need to exercise the patience we have had to learn on our own journey of self discovery and continue to guide our brethren members to that information. This, however, does become repetitive. Perhaps a new Sticky titled “Welcome to the Forum...” could be added to make guys aware of the specific resources this Aneros hosted Website (Thank you High Island Health) contains.

    If one is new to this site, how do they know where to go to get the information that is necessary to do their “...homework...”. While most of us are curious and have gone exploring the website to find all the goodies contained here, it is very much a trial and error process to get to specific areas of interest. The WIKI was created to address a large part of this need but obviously the WIKI is focused on primarily objective information and not on the many other site resources.

    A “Welcome to the Forum...” sticky could go a long way toward quickly directing newbies into appropriate venues and the other forums – Community Polls, Testimonials, Aneros Chat Center, Aneros Wiki and The Archives. The BLOGS are another resource the newer member may not know about. It could also state, with emphasis, the Aneros experience of prostate massage is indeed a paradigm shift in thinking about the whole male orgasmic experience.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Cockadoodle and Rumel!! :D :D

    Thanks to both of you for addressing this problem so well. A "Welcome to the Forum" sticky here makes great sense, and could contain a limited (but expandable) series of thread links about the stages of the journey, the paradigm shift(s) and the most productive introductory approach. I certainly agree about darwin's thread, "my theory of orgasm success" being a central part.

    I agree rumel that we need to continue to respond to newbies in the spirit of the veterans who mentored us along our way in early days (DAZE!! :wink: ). It is truly sad to think that 500 have not taken up your generous offer and effort. I will bump two or three other potential "orienteering" threads.

    hoping that this initiative can add to everyone's enjoyment of their Aneros Journey all

  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I really don't think it is a problem. If you want to read a post, read it. If you want to skip it, skip it.
  • ^^^ Exactly ^^^8) :wink: :!: :idea: :!: 8) :wink:
  • Hi, guys,

    With all due respect hula and ArctiWolves, to ignore pleas for help (isn't that what such postings are) seems a bit cold. You're right, one can just blow them off and ignore them, but personally, I think rumel's early encouragement was pivotal to my early use.

    It shouldn't fall exclusively to rumel to PM these guys, etc., so I think a "Welcome to the Forum" sticky would be appropriate.

    Pass 'em by if you guys want to, but some of us feel a little more empathy to new users. YMMV. ArcticWolves, with all YOU'VE done with your (excellent) bold and very personal videos, I don't quite understand why you don't think this would be a good idea?

  • I'm not saying everyone ignore the person. I'm saying if the person in question is getting tired of reading the same questions and starts mentally complaining then just take a break. I've left for awhile and the world keeps spinning without my input, correct? You've left for awhile and the world keeps spinning without your input, correct? Other people have taken a break for awhile and the aneros world keeps spinning. (Please don't take offense just trying to use an example)

    Albeit, when we do post, our input is greatly valued; but it's not a requirement that we have to post to every person's enquiry 365 days a year. Granted their are members here that have done just that and I have the utmost respect for them. I don't see a problem the way the system is right now in regards to new people asking for questions.

    I guess you could ask yourself what happens if the veteran posters don't post a reply? Well, I believe that with the community we have now, I find it highly unlikely that a post will go unanswered.

    Don't get me wrong cockadoodle, I am not completely against a revision or addition of something to the forums. However, I don't think a sticky is the answer. I think it needs to catch the attention more of the new user, whereas, a sticky is often overlooked. :oops: