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Will Progasm be too big?
  • As suggested in Selection Guide, I bought SGX years ago as recommended. Till now I still have not achieve what you call "Male Orgasm" and dying to have this experience.I'm only 5'3" but Some how I feel SGX is too small for me and want something bigger. Couple days ago, I made an order to buy Progasm. It should arrive any days now. Can someone tell me: Will Progasm be too big for it to work?
    Many thanks
  • Hi, Trist, welcome to the forum.

    Good question, man. No correct answer here, I fear, but here's my observation. It's gonna be a big (no pun intended) change for you. Not only is the Progasm much larger in circumference than your SGX, it's a good deal longer, too. When you first use it, TAKE YOUR TIME. Be very relaxed and slowly begin to insert it. You may feel like you're shoving a telephone pole up your ass the first time. :lol:

    Is it too big? Well only time will tell. Personally, I think you may want to go the Helix or Eupho route to "upsize" your toy. In fact, why don't you order one of those, too? I have 5 different Aneros models and use all of them from time to time. Change is good, and you won't regret having more than two.

    Jumping from an SGX to a Progasm. Well, I went from MGX to Progasm, btw, and found that the Progasm, while it felt really nice and "full" in there, didn't really awaken my prostate greatly. My first real success was with the Helix. And only after achieving Super O with the Helix, did I return to my Progasm which, ever since, has been a SUPER (O) performer for me!

    Good luck, but don't hesitate to try other models, too.

  • In my experiences I started with the MGX and then got the Helix. Both had their own unique sensations to offer and both were very easy to insert and enjoy. When the Progasm came out I couldn't resist and got one. My first reaction was "Wow thats big", and needless to say my anus felt the same way. Once it is inserted and you have had time to relax and accomadate the Progasm it can provide some fantastic feelings. What I find to be the strangest thing about the Progasm is that despite its size it seems to have the most movement out of any of the models I own. I find that it is much harder to control due to its range of motion and most sessions with it I feel that it just pounds my prostate. While pleasurable during the session it leaves me a bit sore afterwards.