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I'm new and I've had some luck but there's a recurring issue
  • I've been using the Aneros most every day for about a month now, and though I have had what I think are P-waves a couple times, lately I've been just getting going and before discharging a tremendous amount of prostate fluid. I thought this was cool the first couple times, but unfortunately the Aneros doesn't really stimulate me afterward. I have no problems otherwise. I don't really think the P-tab is always on the right spot, but I know it's close. I think I've had some P-waves, like I said, and sometimes I have them before spraying all over the place, but said spraying really seems to be a barrier of sorts- not to mention it's messy.

    Has anyone encountered this issue? And if so, what did you to to fix it? Or is it even actually a problem?
  • Hi, Butthead, and welcome to the Aneros Forum. This is a wonderful group of people who really care about your success here.

    I don't think you have a problem. In fact, many of us would like to have such a problem! LOL

    My first suggestion to you is to NOT use your Aneros every day. In my experience, your body will respond better with a bit of rest between sessions. Try every other day for a while.

    Second, it's generally held by the users here that relaxation and freedom from expectations for results is a key to successful Aneros experiences. So "trying" to have sensations from the Aneros is tantamount to failure.

    Most of us would love to have larger discharges of precum (Cowpers Fluid) by the way. :lol: So you may just have to "put up" with it. What this is telling me is that your Aneros is hitting your prostate perfectly, so you must have the right model for your body type. This is a good thing. If the amount of precum is a problem, you'll have to keep a towel or tissue handy, I guess, to clean things up. Also, there is a limit to how much Cowpers you can produce at one time, so when you're more successful with your sessions, this should taper off. Personally, precum is a turn on for me, so I'm not sure why it should be a barrier. Look at it as a major positive. This may help you get to the next level. Others may want to comment here, as well.

    The P-tab is an ongoing issue for many of us. Personally, I have bent the p-tabs on all my models, as it's positioned too close to the perineum for me. Remember, it's NOT the p-tab that gives the pleasure of the Aneros, it's the body of the Aneros moving across your prostate! P-waves are not generated by the P-tab. I suggest that after you insert you toy, you simply lie still, relax and let your body respond. Be sensitive to very subtle responses from your prostate at first. You may be missing them with your attention to your precum issue, btw.

    So, relax and enjoy. Spread out your sessions a bit, and enjoy the "milking" effect of your Aneros. (I'm jealous) It means that you're hitting the right spot, so have faith and patience. You'll get there.