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What is your experience of a pleasure wave?
  • Hi! there,

    Newbie here!

    Can you give me your experience of what a pleasure wave is , and how a pleasure wave feel to you.

    Do the wave start from the penile or anus?

    Thank you for your information

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    IMHO p-waves are somewhat like "chills" or ripples sometimes overall tingling. They can originate anywhere in the body and overtake the entire body or remain isolated. I'm sure we have different definitions so we'll look forward to other interpretations!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    A wave for me seems to start in my head with a kind of buzzing in my ears. From there, it very quickly envelops the rest of my body heading down to my feet.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    ohmy06's description is pretty on IMO.
    I'd just like to add the I feel this expanding feeling like my body's becoming a balloon and I might just float out the room.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    p-waves I detect when after hefty prostate stimulation - in/out movement by the aneros voluntary or involuntary, and then slowing and controlling the contractions and finding the right spot and just keeping the part contraction steady and stationary there, sometimes I have to bear down, I need to search for the spot it is always on the move, never at the same place twice.

    p-waves then start radiating from my pelvis up. It is mostly a warm and sometimes a chill running up the spine and vibrating at quite a high frequency (say around 15 to 20 per second). As the session progresses the these waves rise higher and higher, fist abdomen, then chest, then shoulders, then neck, and finally head. I can actually hear them and the body is completely stationary, there is no vibration, no physical movement, but just this fantastic feeling of being vibrated - I describe this as similar feeling the basses and beats of music in a balloon, bust just over your whole body.

    For me I think these p-waves is rising energy or chi. I redirect these energies back to the dan tien, lower abdomen, and while doing this press the tongue to the upper gum. This completes the energetic great circular orbit or path (up the back through the head and down the front of your body). When doing this the body starts to oragsm and shudders as it spreads this built up energy. Slowly I control the body shuddering, direct it all to the pelvis ending with either intense pelvic thrust, or stationary pelvis with intense contractions, which then repeats the cycle from the beginning as described. Very often during the rising of the p-waves I become very vocal, and the grunts and groans intensify during the orgasm, so a towel or a pillow is necessary as not to get the neighbours worried. Would love to be somewhere isolated where I can scream it out at heart content and not having to think to muffle my pleasures.

    Each cycle gets intenser, the body orgasms get intense with arms and legs can shake violently. For me the p-waves and full body orgasms alternate during the session.
  • rookrook
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    My p-waves & Mini-O's differ depending on my starting position and my method of arousal. The most intense is on my side transitioning into a fetal position. In this position I try to distract myself from the Aneros. My arousal preference is energy transfer between fingers and hands with foot shocks (right toenail scratching the arch of the left foot) followed by nipple stim as the p-wave approaches. I try to avoid any direct/voluntary anal contractions other than to distribute lube at the start of the session. I 'visualize' the interior of my abdomen and visualize my prostate much like Alana directed in CD-1. I do not visualize the prostate from the viewpoint of the Aneros tool but from the viewpoint of my naval chakra/dantien. For this 'drill' I swallow 1/3 of a Viagra tab about three hours before the session.

    It takes several arousal runs before I sense the onset of a p-wave.

    During the third or fourth arousal run, I'll usually sense the signal of a p-wave by the classic "gotta pee" sensation along the lower surface of my penis just inward from the glans -- a mild burn that lasts 10 seconds. I then start nipple flicks and as my nips erect, I rub them for several seconds. As I feel the energy grow along my pelvic floor I 'force' one more electric shock from my left foot to my pelvis. The rectal contaction is more intense and it engulfs the Eupho completly. I immediately erect. My gluts twitch and there's a desire to thrust. My balls experience brief pain and I get muscle twitches in legs, forehead, and eyelids.

    What I call the p-wave starts as a 'stormy' feeling in my naval chakra/DanTien which swells in my abdomen then spreads as pleasant skin tingling along my ribs, the outer sides of my legs, shoulders and arms, sometimes reaching my ears. I suddenly sweat. This part of the p-wave lasts about 10 seconds.

    The next phase of the wave is a serious contraction of my abs and the muscles along my back. I contract into fetal position with my arms crossed. I sense a zero-g/falling sensation. My reaction is to grasp my pecs with both hands as I further contract into a sweaty ball of flexed muscle. The rectal and glut contaction is intense. My jaw muscles contract and I bite down into the mouthpiece. My heart rate is well above 100. this part of the p-wave lasts almost as long as the first part.

    I then release/fall into what I think is a Mini-O. Both ears sense a pressure wave that lasts about 10 seconds followed by a faint tone lasting 3 seconds. My jaw relaxes. My rectum throbs slowly as it relaxes its hold on the Aneros. I feel warm and calm all over. Centered in about 1/3 of my visual field I see a symmetrical cluster of 20 to 30 small circles of intense, saturated colors each surrounded by brass or gold colored rims. This display is stationary and arranged like it was the backdrop of a church alter. It lasts for 5-10 seconds.

    The Mini-O fades out and is usually replaced by 20 minutes of Opthalmic Migraine aura along with a sort of gray funk. This depresses my mood and kills any arousal. (Note: there's no headache or pain associated with this type of Migraine.)

    A Neurologist has suggested several prophylactic meds to avoid the Migraine attack.

    I'm workin' on it !

    Note: In September I fractured the crown on a tooth and broke an associated bridge during a p-wave/Mini-O. My dentist molded a full mouthguard which works well. If anyone else is jaw clenching the mouthguard is a worthwhile investment -- much cheaper than repairing a bridge and replacing a crown!! :idea: