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  • alv November 2009
  • rook November 2009
Natural Lube - Oil and Grease Formulas
  • To begin with this is not my first post to this forum. I was posting under a different handle and decided it was best to change. I want to be clear that it definitely had nothing to do with the security of this forum.

    I started using an Aneros in about April 2008 with 3mls of KY as my choice for the shooter and KY also for the coating of the wonderful instrument called the Helix.

    After reading about all the associated health concerns re lubes, the next lube I used was virgin cocoa nut oil that I found very good for the shooter butt still used KY for the coating.

    Next to try was unrefined shea butter that was kept refrigerated. Heated in a microwave, it was then used for both the shooter and the coating. For the coating I would just dip the helix into the liquid. I found it marginally better than the cocoa nut oil, very good.

    After reading about castor oil on this forum being good for your prostate, I decided to give it a go. Like the cocoa nut oil, I used it for the shooter and KY for the coating. By this time my collection of Aneros instruments increased to include the Progasm, the advanced set of the Preidise and the Eupho. I found the castor oil the best lube that I had used so far however, it still meant using some KY and I wanted to get away from that. Castor oil has remarkable adhesive and staying characteristics and that is why I added it to the following formulas.

    And this is where Rumel comes in with his wonderful formula for his Natural Lube. I decided to give it a try with some minor changes such as the castor oil; it resulted in the following two formulas.

    Note: To mix, the cocoanut oil and the shea butter were heated in the microwave, as was the bee’s wax. The bees wax needs to be heated to a high temperature to liquefy it, I will consider using a saucepan on the stove next time. BTW to clean bee’s waxes off anything just pour boiling water on the surface of the object to wash it clean.

    Natural Lube – Oil
    60g unrefined shea butter
    1 Tablespoon castor oil
    180mls coconut oil

    If you also intend making the grease just double the above quantitie and then divide it in half? Keep half for your shooter and to the other half add 50g of bees wax. You will end up with the following formula that has a consistency resembling petroleum jelly.

    Natural Lube – Grease
    60g unrefined shea butter
    1 Tablespoon castor oil
    180mls Coconut oil
    50g Natural bees wax

    The oil formula will stay liquid down to about 20c, below that it may needed heating in the microwave prior to use.

    The grease formula will most likely stay ‘solid’ at habitable temperatures. Just place your Aneros in the jar containing the Natural grease, twist it around and you will have more than enough coating.

    The above formulas are so adhesive that after washing with soap and water, the Aneros remains greasy. In fact boiling water still does not remove 100% of the lube.

    I keep half of the oil and half of the grease by my bedside and the rest in the refrigerator.

    Regarding shea butter, there is conflicting opinion about the necessity to keep it refrigerated or not. Personally, I don’t think it is absolutely necessary but you should make your own informed opinion. For those concerned about purchasing shea butter on-line, I have now made two purchases from two different suppliers (changed computers and lost the name of the first one) without problem with regard to the refrigeration issue.

    For Australian buyers I would highly recommend a seller on eBay by the name of ‘lux-handmade-goodies’, she sells good quality 100g Pure Organic Unrefined Shea Butter for $4.60 and 100g Pure Bee’s Wax for $2.95 with cheap postage.

    I can’t compare Rumel’s formula that has vitamin e instead of castor oil because I haven’t tried it however, I believe the formula that I have used is so very adhesive because of the castor oil but I could be wrong.

    If you should find the above formulas useful than you should thank Rumel. I have just made a minor change to his formula.

    BTW if making your own lube is too much trouble and you are not happy with your current lube then I suggest you give the castor oil a try.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Hi Aneros Downunder and greetings from the Northern Hemisphere,

    Thanks for the formula suggestions. I'd quit 100% Castor Oil but will give a small amount a try. One thing I've adopted is to use a weighted whiskey shot glass on the nightstand. Half-full is about 9ml of lube. Good for filling the shooter and the rounded bottom fits the head of anything from the Eupho to the Progasm. Handy for a quick re-lube during a session and reasonable size results in little waste. Also an easy parking spot for a Progasm to finish off an a-r session that was using a smaller tool. 8)

    ---sorry, no upside down emoticons are available :wink: