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Helix - MGX shootout
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,740
    The following post was originally written for a Blog in progress but might be helpful to those interested in a second, third or fourth toy for their Aneros Toolbox.

    MGX-Helix shootout (Sept 09) about 6 hours scattered over 4 sessions MGX & Helix
    Lube: Shea butter + Olive Oil for first three sessions and Slippery Stuff (gel) for the final session.

    Height: 6ft, Weight: 180lb, Prostate: 45gm, Wiring: monogamous, First insertion: 2/09--for couples sex & foreplay , First significant serious anal play: 5/09.

    MGX / Helix shootout: I first inserted my Helix on the morning after Valentine's day, 2009. It was my primary ano-rectal pleasure tool and also my journey tool until I bought the Eupho in late August. Dame Eupho then assumed responsibility for all orgasmic objectives.

    Over the last six months I've rounded out my toybox with a Prograsm (everyone needs one), the Eupho and an SGX. I've found a distinct use for each of these Aneros tools and as Tig Woods says, it's all good! More recently I bougtht a second SGX and snipped the tail. I pack that during weekly TaiChi drill (helps me keep track of my center).

    My tastes run to smaller and more agile rather than bulky so there's probably not a Maximus in my future. But, the MGX has always triggered my imagination as I really like the ribbed stem on the SGX. So why not? Late in August the local leather merchant restocked the shelves and called to say the MGX was back in stock. Lube notes: All this work was done with shea butter, 'thinned' with Olive Oil, except for the final sessions for both the Helix and MGX which were done with Slippery Stuff.

    The good news about MGX: Definitely a member of the Aneros family! I don't know what the Classic MGX might be like but this 'redesigned' MGX is a winner. Despite its moderate price, the surface finish feels as good as the Eupho. The bad news: There is no bad news!

    MGX Observations: Four ano-rectal sessions spanned two weeks. No attempt at orgasm but I did drive myself into heavy but brief p-waves on the third session and was able to sustain that pattern for several minutes with no release into a mini-O. First impression following insertion is that there is more lateral bulk (my nickname for MGX -- "Miss Fat Cheeks"). This sensation was present throughout the session. I got consistent anal canal lateral rub with any maneuver of the MGX. When I try to make the MGX 'invisible' I don't make as far as I do with the Helix--mostly due to the feeling of lateral bulk.

    Although the distance from the p-tab to the main body is the same (1.75") for both the Helix and MGX, I get a nice loving prostate "hug" from the MGX that's not present with the Helix. It's like a gentle hand 'cradling' my prostate. I haven't had this lush, warm feeling from any other toy!

    Lying on either side it was easy to 'grove' the head of the MGX into the intestinal wall and selectively apply pressure to a lateral lobe of my prostate. Those sensations were similar to what I get from the Helix; but, for me the Helix is easier to 'grove.' Butt, I'm still on the learning curve for the MGX. I wasn't able to get the degree of lateral "wag" with the MGX that I do with the Helix -- maybe a design trade-off to get more lateral wall sensation in the lower rectum and anal canal.

    The MGX shares the ribbed stem of the SGX. I like positioning a rib against a sensitive spot in the sphincter and just maneuvering it by a fraction of a millimeter. New term: "micromassage!" This yields a sensation that I don't get from the Helix or Eupho.

    Finally, on every session , the MGX produced more pre-cum than any other tool including the Progasm. No clue as to why.

    Following my last MGX a-r session I re-lubed and returned to my old buddy the Helix. Yes, it was as I remembered it. To compare the two, the Helix seems more nimble and easier to 'grove.' It's quicker responding to gravity when I roll over or change positions. On my belly, it provides less positive pressure to the prostate that I get from the MGX. It provides a higher velocity 'rub' though and it's probably the superior tool for "Aneros aerobics," On my back, the Helix is the superior anal tool. It makes excellent contact with the posterior wall and yields vibes that send me right to the top of the ano-rectal peak.

    Between the two tools, the Helix is the more 'invisible' for me and when I make it quiet it fades into the background. :D