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ass chafage...
  • xo4xo4
    Posts: 14
    hey guys... i havent given my helix a go in a while.. partly cause i havent had a chance to get into it with everyone in the house etc...

    but also recently i noticed that my asshole is looser. this doesnt really bother me, cause its not that bad and its not interfered with anything bm wise... but when i'm walking around a lot my ass starts to chafe... can get kinda itchy too.. anyone else have this problem? ive tried to clench my ass randomly to build up the muscles down there, but it doesnt seem to have made a difference...

    i want to try prostate massage again since its fun.. but i dont want to get more ass issues..

    oh.. and where can i get an anal syringe in the uk?? i dont really want to go into my local pharmacist and specifically ask for an anal syringe... >,>

  • You can buy an Aneros Anal Syringe from lovehoney as that's where I bought mine from but I strongly suggest you brew up a batch of Natural Jelly (link below). I've tried a few different lubes but this is the best so far and has no chemicals in it.
  • xo4xo4
    Posts: 14
    ah ok, i'll get one from there next time i use Lh. the reviews are a bit mixed, but its the only place i know i can get it from...

    c'mon guys! whats going on with your arses?? help me out here, someone must know what im talking about... is this normal or have i fucked up my arse somehow?
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    xo4 - after a good session many of us experience the next day butt flutters and chairgasm

    Should you feel raw then possibly need more lube, and a proper clean up before a session also helps, I find if a piece of stool interferes during a session there is a itch / burning feeling, I abort, clean up and then continue.

    So stop worrying and enjoy