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Super O - how often , In every session , or ?
  • View Poll Results: Super O , how often ? Voters: 9

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    Less than One in 10 sessions 2 22.22%

    One out of 10 sessions 0 0%

    One out of 5 sessions 1 11.11%

    One out of 4 sessions 1 11.11%

    One out of 3 sessions 1 11.11%

    Every other session 1 11.11%

    Every session with Aneros 3 33.33%

  • Wondering how many sessions are "useful" out there , how often can you experience the Super O?
  • I would have to say 1 out of every three. I do come very close at times but just don't make it over the top to a super-o. I've wondered if anything adds to the ability to reach a super-o, such as diet, extercise, etc.
  • I've discovered the world of Super-O and MMO recently, but with the right technique (lots of relaxation at the beginning of the session and light contractions not hammering the prostate ) I'm almost able to reach Super-O and MMO everytime.
  • J2_0J2_0
    Posts: 23
    I voted "Every session with the Aneros" but that response specially applies to Progasm sessions. As soon as I lube it up with Boy Butter-water based lube within a minute I am experiencing uncontrollable convulsing in Super-O heaven. With my Helix Syn and more so with my Eupho Syn it is a delightful dance of mini-O"s working toward the Super_O !!!!