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*Which muscles work best to induce involuntaries for you ?
  • View Poll Results: PC, Rectal or Anal induce involuntaries ? Voters: 6

    You may not vote on this poll

    Rectal - muscles used for bearing down , bowel movement 12 200.00%

    PC - muscles used to stop urine flow 23 383.33%

    Anal - sphincter muscles used to hold anus closed 10 166.67%

  • Maybe it can help new users to decide what may work best for them
  • GandorfGandorf
    Posts: 3
    Well, it looks like no one else wants to comment.

    I find the light PC contractions will jump start the involuntaries.
    I usually do about 30-40 light PC contractions after relaxation, then I just relax and concentrate on the feeling in my anus.
    Then the involuntaries kick in, very gentle [amazed at how they sneak up on me]
    This is where I ride the wave - still waiting [hoping] for the time they take me over the top.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,775
    Cultivating, then teasing a sensitive spot on my bod (nip, fingertip, wrist, thigh, roof of mouth, etc.)

    Once aroused, the most overpowering ano-rectal involuntaries result from a toenail scratch to the arch of the opposite foot (have to leave the sox off for those). Hmmm, perhaps a pair of sox with holes in the toe and sole would work (LOL).

    Didn't vote. Once aroused I don't use much muscle.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Yes - stimulating sexual hot spots definitely adds to a session. My nips have become a real trigger for me. yikes they are really sensitive now. Like the prostate you need to wake them up. They get very hard and erect and give me very pleasureable sensations - - who knew????

    Rook your list of hot spots is so interesting.........never have considered fingertip or wrist a hot spot............maybe I need to work on waking those up as well. I have also heard that there is a spot just under your navel - either rub in a circular fashion of apply some constant pressure.

    The aneros does indeed lead us to exploring our male body - and discovering all sorts of pleasure spots.
  • poppiepoppie
    Posts: 23
    I'm confused,
    The wiki tells you to use anal sphincter contractions and then some rectal , now I notice here that the anal contractions are not the choice ,The pc contractions seem to be the one to use? also I remember reading on one of the posts that they recommend not to use anal contractions to get involuntaries going . Is their some confusion with some members including myself as to what contraction is an anal and a pc , I can feel when I do a pc contraction that it also slightly contracts the sphincter and visa versa . because of what I have read in the past I have basically always used the anal sphincter contractions , I should have been doing more pc contractions ? right ?. what is meant by "feel your perenium to see which direction the contraction is" is this to see if your doing an anal or pc muscle contraction ?