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Does Aneros Ruin 'Normal' Sex?
  • View Poll Results: Aneros Effect on Sex Life Voters: 6

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    Increased Enjoyment 22 366.67%

    About The Same 8 133.33%

    Decreased Enjoyment 0 0%

  • isportisport
    Posts: 12
    A question for aneros users. I'm curious as to what affect using the aneros has had on your aneros-less sex life. Whether it's decreased enjoyment (not feeling fulfilled), no effect or increased your enjoyment. Or has it had no effect, or even improving your sex life. Some of the potential effects. Last longer, better orgasms, easier to achieve orgasm, harder to achieve orgasm, etc.etc.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great Poll isport! Thanks very much.

    The real story here is that if your Aneros practice really takes fire, it will radically transform your whole sex life, the actual manner depending upon your age, martial situation, personal health and many other factors.

    Because the achievement of Super-O ability on a sustainable basis means rewiring your brains (both head and gut), and the multiple nerve systems complexes involved in erotic signalling, we are leading edge practitioners here using the newly discovered/appreciated neuroplasticity opportunities of intentionally building significant new neuron structures for our body/minds.

    The principal thing we have to accomplish is the full separation of the ejaculatory response from the orgasm response to be able to trigger and amplify dry male multiple orgasms of varying intensities and related effects, including distant Day-After Effects spontaneously gifted to us by these new rewired circuits.

    These circuits and capabilities soon also add to and transform one's entire sex life, giving it far greater range and depth. Orgasmic energies vitalizing on their own can lead into the full spectrum of bioenergetics, mapped by Taoist traditions as: Orgasmic energies (JING), Life Force energies (CHI/QI) and Spiritual energies (SHEN). Several members here have experienced profound Spiritual Orgasms, even very early in their practice without any expectations.

    Even the Super-O comes in as many different flavours as there are Aneros practitioners IMHO. There are many variations of the full body, vigourous shake, rattle and roll form and just as many of the still body, full body Calm Seas floating bliss Super-Os, Above and Beyond, that can lead into the full blown Spiritual Orgasms.

    Many find or seek a way to actively involve their partner in their aneros practice, again with a range of techniques. And there are those who find that will not work and who maintain a separate sex life, even though they are significantly sexually transformed and whole body/mind transformed.

    After becoming an Aneros Adept and living with MMOs and hefty bioenergetics available at will anytime, nothing in your life is ever exactly as it was. I voted increased enjoyment! That is the understatement of the decade for us!!

    all the best transformative orgasmic energetic ecstatic enhancements all

  • isportisport
    Posts: 12
    Looks like the results are positive so far, any info on how it improves it, or is it something that can't be measured, but just a general feeling?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,775
    One of the best experiences we've added to our repertoire :!: :!:

    Our February purchase of a Helix was just for foreplay and intercourse. It was a compliment to my spouse's g-stim toys. I didn't start solo MMO training until May.

    Have switched to an SGX for sex. Major benefit: Great tool to 'goose up' my own arousal during extended foreplay. I'm nowhere near where artform is but have released into strong p-waves and ab contractions close to the timing of my spouse's orgasms. I know simultaneous is possible. Meanwhile this is the coolest, non-ejaculatory "mini-trip" going and guarantees a four-hour session.

    Other benefit is the personal experience one gains of what one's spouse is experiencing in arousal and approach to orgasm. Superior to any 'book larning.' :D

    Right now we are about 2/3 through a course of radiation with Chemo to follow. Our couples activities are limited. I had dropped back into a trad-mb modality. My lovely spouse has encouraged me to undertake solo sessions again and that's been helpful to both of us. As a result I'm a better caregiver and seem to have more spiritual strength.