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Can't get to the next fase
  • Hello dear Aneros members :wink:

    I hope you guys can help me out in my journey towards achieving the super-O. After getting a lot of progress I am now stuck and can’t get to the next level.

    For example, today was great. I tried all possible positions, but today I relied on laying on my side, as I find this the best position, after a while I might change to lie on my belly. Soon, the tickling sensations start to emit from my anus and I notice that the Aneros is moving on its own. These sensations feel great, but it’s hard to not let them fade away. As soon as those tickling sensations build up, I notice my muscles in my pelvic region start to contract heavily, as I want to continue the sensations. When I fully relax, and let those sensations build up, I notice my body ‘wants’ to shake. This even feels better and sometimes I can hold the contraction and let that continue into the shaking, but this is very hard.

    I got the advice some days ago on the chat to transfer the involuntary body shakes into the anus, but the weird thing is, as soon as it starts to shake, I somewhat lose control of my anal contractions. It stays at one level as I hold it and the next thing is very important: the up-rising sensations that start initially when I insert the Aneros, they don’t continue into the shake-fase.

    I hope someone can push me into the right direction,

    Greetings Bungles
  • hi Bungles ,

    I got the super O without those dramatic - whole body shaking , at least until the end . And even then it was not as strong as some other guys on the clips .

    from my limited experience , some involuntaries that come and go in waves. hardest part was not to disappoint and lose track . if you "follow" those waves and shakings , they will intensify until they are continuous and very strong ,

    thats where super O / altered state of mind realm starts .

    word of caution , the position is very important for full aneros movement . it can be very touchy , and what you describe happened to me the last 2 sessions , close , but no cigar

    hope it helps you
  • Have you tried belly breathing?
  • Just to add to the belly breathing...

    Have you ever tried to hum? I know it sounds silly but it has many benefits. First it forces you to breath right. Also if you hit the right frequencies you can feel it resonate throughout your body... I am sure it stimulates many nerves. For the last effect I don't know exactly how to explain it... it sort of gives you a target for your arousal. Sometimes I can just concentrate on my prostate and build arousal... however other times I need something else. If I can attach my arousal to my humming I can modify my arousal by changing how I hum. I can change the pitch and the volume and both have an effect on my arousal.

    (Is this anything like KSMO??? I think I have sorta figured it out on my own. I wounder if I could benefit from buying some products for KSMO)
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have only belonged to the KSMO forumn for a couple months but the keys sound, while not really humming is a sound that resonates through your body.
    I am finding that I am able to amplify the feelings of the p waves by using the key sound. I would think simple humming at the right tone would be of help
  • I haven't tried to humm actually. Sometimes I do notice tho that I am breathing by my belly and that I have the urge to moan. I will focus on that my next session.