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Gyneflex Experience
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    I wanted to share what happened to me the other day. I currently have the helix and peridise. I have been using the helix now for almost 2 years and have achieved the Super-O. The helix feels really nice and gets the involunatries moving many times.

    The other day I used the helix first and got some involuntary movement and then switched to the peridise. The peridise feels like it takes off many times but when the peridise starts moving a lot my anus spits it back out. :evil: How frustrating!!! I really don't know why it does that because the sensations that my body is going to feels like unchartered waters. Any suggestions on how to keep it in would help?

    Anyway after a while of using the helix and peridise, I got the big idea to stick in my wifes gyneflex (she never uses it anyway). MAN O MAN, the involuntaires kicked in and away we go. It felt so nice pumping and pumping inside and that lead to an O like never before. :D

    Now I know many here probably would not advocate such behavior because that device is intended for a womans vagina but I thought what the heck. Anyway it did feel nice but was a little bit uncomfortable getting it out because parts of the product are open on the ends.

    What I was wondering since the gyneflex felt like it was rubbing my prostate more if I might need to try something else like the progasm or the MGX or the eupho? I am 5'11" tall and weigh about 143 lbs. What are your thoughts guys?
  • We'll you could try wearing a g string or a thong like i do that should hold the little bastard in place
    and in case you dont like covering up to much during your sessions and like the totaly naked feel
    you could try wearing a g string like this one even though it is not my type.

    Thats all i can suggest and think of that would help do the trick, i have the peridise advanced set
    and know from experience that once you insert the peridise all the way in it will slip halfway out again
    thats the only negative thing about the peridise but not focusing on that i think the peridise are the best model i just wish HIH would create a model that you could use standing up in the shower without having to hold the little bugger in place, so i can come over and over and over again hopefully without screaming or making to much noise and alerting my grandmother or anyone else nearby for a matter of fact.

    Cheers good luck thecritta

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: