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slightly different way to use the aneros
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    when I start my sessions, I generally start with the mgx and only insert it about half way. I have to hold on to it in this position to keep it from going deeper or coming out. this always results in some very pleasant P-waves. after a bit and they have subsided, I let is slide in all the way, and away we go again..
    Last night, I tried it just a bit different. All I did was take the head of the mgx and press it against my anus. there was no insertion, just held pressure against the anus, which I varied from light to firm and an occasional twist.
    It resulted in an incredible strong P-wave that felt a bit different than any before. After doing this for 10-15 minutes, I went ahead and inserted it half way as I always do, for another round of waves.
    this method makes every model into two different models. the progasm is my favorite model to do this with (insert half way that is)
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I do something like this sometimes as well. During a session if things start to get stale I like to put my thumb between the ptab and my perineum and let the aneros press hard against my thumb. This will start up the pwaves and then if they start to fade again I can remove my thumb and the aneros will suck back into the 'normal' position and the pwaves will hit again.