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having trouble with the aneros
  • hi i have bought all the styles of the aneros and have tried them all and i still haven't been able to achieve a super O. i'm about 6 feet tall and pretty thin if that means anything. i've tried staying as relaxed as possible and i feel a little something but then it always fades away, and i've tried forcing contractions and i'll feel something again, but i don't know if i should keep contracting or relax and either way i can't get it much further, either that or i have a movement, and i've tried enemas several times. i have been able to have a hands free anal orgasm when i lose my patience,after about an hour, by laying on my stomach and tucking my unit down under and doing a humping motion which seems to massage the prostate enough and i release a big load, and then i can go jack off right after that's how i know it was an anal orgasm, a regular one i have some downtime, and is usually unpleasant to force another orgasm. i have also tried warming the aneros, i feel it helps my body accept it better. i have also tried taking deep breaths, that seems to help too. i have been using these every so often for several years.
  • artformartform
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    Welcome reallyshyguy! :D

    You are not alone in having a slow start with this practice. Many have and eventually enjoyed success!

    How would you describe the sensations and how they differ with each model? That may provide a clue or two.

    Your handle RSG, "reallyshyguy" may also suggest that there are feelings about this or your sexuality generally that carry emotional "furballs" as they are known at KSMO, Jack Johnston's sound-based Male Multiple Orgasms site and techniques that many here find a complementary practice with Aneros. Can you identify any emotional feelings/defences/blocks that could be keeping key circuits closed?

    all the best opening and allowing prostate massage ecstasies all