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  • Hi everyone. I'm a single straight guy, soon 35 from Sweden, Europe (so English is my second language). Just ordered my first Aneros and are looking forward to it, and so is my body it seems! I have read up a lot on the subject over the past few days and felt a deep urge to explain my experience for others to reflect upon. You can view my first blog entry here - it got quite lengthy as I felt I had a lot of new and strong impressions to write about and wanted to give the blog a good start.

    Most probably I will return with my progress here as time permits. I find it a very interesting community centered around an incredible subject.

    Thanks for a wonderful site and for having me feeling most welcome.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome to the Forum and our wonderful community Pepnautic!! :D

    Your first blog entry is a great read and well rewards the reader! Your history with anal play is intriguing and informative. I look forward to your report as your journey with Aneros begins as soon as your order arrives! :wink:

    all the best to/for you as your explorations and adventures unfold

  • Thanks, artform.

    One thing that bothers me at the moment, while reading the wiki glossary, is about convulsions. Both my parents have a history of seizures in separate times of ther lives. They are since then on anticonvulsants for epilepsy. I guess this might be a problem, but its hard to know for sure. I fear for loss of consciousness (or worse) and generally have a need to keep my life in control. Anything else could be really bad... Maybe this is something my country's public health care system wouldn't help me with beforehand, maybe I'd rather look for answers in the medical private practice sector, I dont know.

    EDIT: Related note - I have played computer/video games all-night several times in the past, and the only thing I havent been in control of is when I should stop. I have always been conscious.