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My first session - with a Helix
  • PsyUKPsyUK
    Posts: 1
    Hi guys, I found out about the Aneros last week, and I ordered the 'Helix' model.

    My Helix arrived on Tuesday, but I waited till last night to try it out, because I was getting up late this morning.

    Ok, I emptied my bowels, then took a nice, hot shower. I washed the Helix with warm water and soap.

    I then went to my bed, turned the light off, and touched myself (not my penis), just on the inner thighs, nipples, etc.

    I rubbed the Helix just on the outer rim my ass, and it felt quite exciting (never done any anal play before, so it did feel a bit wrong! - but, that was a turn on).

    I then lubed up my ass, and put some lube on the Helix.

    I inserted the Helix, very, very slowly. I have never inserted anything in my anus before, so it was quite a shock to the system, and I was a bit difficult mentally, but it slipped in by itself after a part of it was in, and my anus relaxed.

    However, I did not feel any pleasure, I didn't even feel my prostate. I followed the instructions on the box, and relaxed for 15 mins, before beginning contractions, but it was just as if there was something stuck in my ass - a bit annoying, but no pleasure. I changed positions several times, but nothing. I ended up taking it out, and masturbating to ejaculation. What did happen was, I slept very deeply last night. Not sure if that was related to anything.

    I really want a good experience with this, like the ones I've read other guys have had.

    Any feedback/advice would be appreciated!


  • Ok, last time I was kidding, but I'm starting to feel serious: this forum needs a stickied "I tried Aneros for the first time and it didn't feel as I expected" FAQ thread.

    Not meaning to be insulting, I'm definitely no Super-O guru. But from the approximately fifteen sessions I've had with my Helix I can tell that it can offer sensations of exquisite pleasure.. these sensations just appear to be frustratingly difficult to trigger sometimes. :oops:
  • Ok, now that I got that out of the way, constructive advice is in order. I might be slightly sour, as I tried pushing the limits tonight - more precisely, tried having another session without enough downtime in between, settling for mere 24 hours. It definitely varies person to person, but I can safely say that I need at least two full days between sessions to feel sufficiently recharged.

    Now, the problem of not feeling a prostate contact is a common one, and personally I think it might be obsessed over too much. The Aneros products do not operate on the basis of prostate massage alone, but a combination of that and contacting the perineum / anal nerves. The first time I felt seriously pleasing sensation with the Helix was when I had forgotten about thinking about my prostate completely.

    Here's a list of pointers I've drawn from my sessions so far:

    1) Do not put too much weight on the contractions, as the sensations can also be affected by breathing and body position, for instance. The strength/length/frequency of the contractions can also make the sensation vary considerably. One key rule: stronger or deeper is often not better. Try starting with infrequent, light contractions, and try to retain the calm pace once you start experiencing pleasure. And give yourself time to relax - if you are not experienced with anal insertion, it might take time for the muscles to truly start relaxing.

    2) Use lube adequately. Too little lube isn't commonly a problem, but if you feel discomfort when the massager is moving, or sense that you cannot cause it to shift with very gentle contractions, then more is probably required. Know that certain water-based lubes can cause irritation or uncalled bowel activity.

    3) Returning to the first point, try not to think of the Aneros session as a strenuous physical task - forget about the massager once it's inserted, and focus your attention on arousing thoughts or media. It's easier to start sensing the effects of the massage when you're not constantly expecting something to happen.

    4) This I luckily haven't learned the hard way, but do not apply manual pressure on the massager during a session. Twice now I've read about forum members injuring themselves with this action.

    I hope those will get you started. Like I implied, after the first few of my sessions were less than expected, rounds 3-5 started to get exciting, and sixth time was when I first experienced pleasure not attainable through traditional penile stimulation. :wink:
  • I feel a bit silly posting continuously, but after the last post I got thinking, and had a major epiphany. First of all, read this thread:

    B's Keys to the Backdoor

    I suddenly recalled that in this thread it was mentioned that the p-tab and the spot it touches should be kept dry at all times to prevent the tab from slipping. I initially thought that this meant horizontal slipping (towards left/right leg), but the text specified that vertical slipping (towards scrotum/anus) is also bad, which suddenly made sense - if the tab slips to any direction during a contraction, its pressure will shift away from the perineum, effectively breaking the pleasure feedback cycle.

    I put my hunch to test, this time lubing carefully, avoiding the area from the anus towards the perineum. And it worked! Even though the last session just hours ago had felt pointless, this time I quickly started feeling the feedback loop as the tab massaged my perineum steadily. And I enjoyed it for several hours straight, even experiencing a few mini-o's, despite my supposed lack of erotic charge, so to speak. :)

    Follow the directions in the linked thread, and you should definitely start getting some results. But keep your cool, as patience is the key to the rewards. :wink: