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interesting and very pleasurable experience not with aneros
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hello there everyone, as most of you dont know i am going to visit a urologist next month on the fourth because my aneros addiction has caused me a little bit of trouble and i simply kept going when i should have stopped immediatly, because i have experienced some pain and discomfort up my rear end where the sun dont shine as a result of doing something wrong which may have caused me some injury possibly due to the prostate and no i couldnt stop i kept going i was to hooked to stop i was powerless my addiction to this device had all the control, and i kept using it despite the fact that everytime i used it i would have to start all over again, putting up with mild pain and discomfort on my prostate around the prostate like sore spots in my anus it even felt uncomfortable and wierd when i ejaculated all along the tube that runs through you prenium to your penis and experienced a pain running down my legs sometimes both or one.

    I kept putting my hand on the hot stove "And said to myself i wont burn me this time this is how"

    By a form of self deception i managed to convince myself that "this time it wont hurt me "this time it will be fine or different" but it was not and i only kept getting the same result about five times followed by eight or more trips to the local GP who thought i had prostatitus and so did i but now i am sure it is not an infection of any kind nor prostatitus i think it might be damage to the prostate
    "Oh god no i hope not" I spoke to a member who attends A.A Alcoholics Anonymous at a place callled the City contact centre in Melbourne Australia i attend this meeting at just after luch time almost every week day and i told him i had an appointment to visit the doctor at the Austin hospital in Melbourne, i hesitated to tell him why at first and then he gathered it was to see a urologist and he told me that he had hemmaroids and so did another A.A member who was there at the time who was in our little conversation briefly from the start
    and after speaking to him for a few minutes he said i probably have hemmaroids
    and asked me whether it felt like i had any bubbles in my you know, and i didnt feel comftable answering and said nothing
    because the thought that he described made me feel uncomftable, and he also said that that hemmaroids dont bleed in the early stages and i know that hemmaroids are usually caused by bad diet and i consume about two litres of coke a day i dont eat breakfast sometimes i eat lunch and a lot of days i only eat tea soo caffein is another one of my addictions my other addictions are using the computer and the internet playing video games watching youtube etc etc etc thank god i am not addicted to watching porn or masturbating
    but i am to using the aneros oh why?

    I have decided to change the topic of the subject to something more important that is going
    on in my life at the moment which should not be going on, and should not be hapening at all
    so sorry too dissapoint you i will probably post about ym interesting non experience a bit later on maybe tomorrow because i do not have time right not and i have to go to bed soon anyways.

    And i want you all know i have stopped using the aneros until i find out the final verdict of my aneros future if any at all know, i seriously hope there is one, and if there is i will have to change a few thingschange the rules of my anal play, i wreckon i will be lucky if i can still stick anything at all up there also please note i have decided to give up using large dildo's and things even though i am not gay just a little bi curious maybe but sex with men doesnt really interest me all that much to be frankly homest and i feel very hesitant to try it, and i much prefer women, so i was using these dildos that i own to satisfy and explore my silly craving for real cock and just to see what it feels like for women like pornstars anyways

    So in all i have four addictions

    Drinking caffein and coke

    Smoking about ten cigarretes a day Chain smoking sometimes

    Using the internet at night until like 3:00 am then sleeping in and missing the
    early morning 12:30am meeting and getting up at like 1:30am or a bit later, i usually dont get up unless my grandmother with whom i live with tells me to get up.

    And the last one using the aneros prostate massager for sex anal masturbation

    lol i like that word "anal masturbation"

    it's funny :-)

    I think it is something many women and some men like doing alot.

    So yes you could say i hate being an alcoholic it gives me the shits and drives me nuts because you do stupid things like what i am describing and ruin everything for yourself and then never forgive yourself like when the urologist will probably say you can use the aneros anymore, or i think you should give it up, or you had better stop using it because you have done to much damage then you know you are the biggest freakin dumbass in the world.

    I will have to wait until the fourth of next month to tell the urologist how stupid i have been yes it will be very embaressing i dont look forward to tell them i hope they are not judgemental or think negative thoughts of me when i tell them what i have dont to my ass i mean body, idk whether i will get a CONTINUE and get to keep playing or WHETHER I WILL GET A GAME OVER, but all i know is that if i do get to press the continue button i will be making a few changes i will never be using any of the aneros models again without washing them i will be using anti bacterial toy cleaner which i already have after i have used hot soap and water
    i will probably throw away the progasm as well as the other non aneros prostate massagers i have to prevent the chances of re injurung that area i think the eupho peridise models are better if you have any damage scarring from accidental use or misuse because they use less pressure than the bigger wider progasm and i wont be having any more middle of the night four five hour orgasmathons with unclean models such as the progasm and eupho, but as i understand if you do damage to this area of your body you have to live with it till the day you die "GULP help me" i hope my prostate isnt damaged as well as the muscles but knowing my luck again "GULP"

    And of course like any other addiction i refuse to give up but what choice will i have if it is bad, then i get roll around in self pity and hate and disgust and think to myself "you ruined it like everything else you have screwed up another good thing, why do you always have to destroy everything with your stupid screwed up and twisted destructive retarded alco thinking.

    Oh yeah and by the way the disease of alcoholism well for me anyway it like an octopus in the sense that it wraps its freaken tenticles around everythink good thank you discover in life and turns it into another mad mindscrewing obsession why cant the doctors just find a cure for addictions i am sick and tired of being sick with this alcoholism that seeks to ruin everything.

    But at least i have a job now and am taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor.

    I am still 26 yrs old single still a virgin still struggle getting the confidence to talk to women which i rarely ever do, i think its because i lack self confidence and i am afraid of rejection because i have experienced it once, then when it happens i think to myself its the end of the world it will never happen bla bla bla.

    So i think i use the aneros partly because i dont have girlfriend, and i come way too soon which really sucks, anyway i hope you are all well better than me i am just negative sometimes dont take what i say too seriously guys ok.

    And by the way i do have a counsellor a great A.A sponsor and a higher power who i chose to call god.

    Please note i dont have a religeous belief in god a have a spiritaul belief in god.

    So i may ask does anybody else here have any similar serious or mild addictions and please share them with me and maybe we can indentify

    And when i think of the urologists appointment and what i have to tell them i keep thinking and projecting really badly what they will say could say and what will happen but i dont reaaly know what will happen i cant project and predict the future so does anyone know what will probably happen.

    And cheers for now i will tell you all what the urolist has to say but dont expect me to be to happy or positive if i have to leave this forum behind this great world of wonder and love and sexual pleasure and excitment and where we can share our joy together.

    "11/04/09 9:30 am Austin Clinic Gulp, Gulp Gulp, Gulp, Oh god help me, god knows what horible tests they will have to do stick a tube down my eerrrr ummm pee hole maybe.

    I hope i dont have to have surgery Gulp, Oh God Oooh nooo, i can never afford it,
    i want to keep my prostate.

    Cheers the critta Gulp

    :oops: :oops: :roll: :roll: :( :(
  • Did I miss something? What's going on TheCritta? How did you injure yourself and what did you injure? :?
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    about eight or so months a go i purchased this

    And i only used it once, i even contracted my sphincter whilst using it, then my prostate
    starting hurting afterwards i went to a doctor to him that i hurt after using a progasm which was a complete lie got some anti biotics and after about four weeks it healed, so i continued along my journey for about another three months with great success and hardly any problems then one night i decided to have a four hour long session with the progasm and eupho then i started having trouble again it felt uncomftable and a bit sore up there and i couldnt stop using it and i kept going back to the doctor after each time i used it and got anti biotics and stuff which didnt seem to do much so now i havent used them for like two months and it still hasnt finished healing and my anus feels uncomftable like it stretching and stuff when i poop but there is not blood what so ever so i might be in the early stages of hemmaroids no bleeding, i only suspect this because of bad diet 2l of coke a day, or i suspect when i used that stupid womens thing that i bought because i thought it might work like the aneros does that i injured the prostate then it healed and scarred and that long session that i had about five months a go broke damaged the scarring and caused re injury.

    So i think if thats is the case i will have to stick to using the peridise and throw out all of the other models because the peridise puts the least pressure on the prostate hence the less the chance of re injury, so i am going to see the urologist next month on the fourth and am not looking forward to telling them what i have done, and there is no way in the world i am telling them i used the above product which i should never have used i should have asked the people here before buying it but was too embaressed and the session i had with the progasm and eupho was about five months a go
    soo i think i will jump off a bridge maybe if i have to give up using the aneros products.

    :oops: :oops: :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll:
  • Don't EVER feel embarrassed about asking any questions here. We're all men and I can reckon buying an aneros was the first most embarrassing thing we've ever done. LOL

    You're right if you would have asked we would have told you it wouldn't work out because that toy is SPECIFICALLY designed for a woman's vagina. It is made so that it can rotate and hit the g-spot while the nubs on the end stimulate the clitoris. It's called a Rabbit Vibrator. Don't feel too bad though man we all make mistakes and learn what not to do at the cost of injuring ourselves. Now you know what not to do and I hope that you are able to recover so you can go back into using your aneros pleasure toys again.:wink:

    Good Luck! 8)
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Yeah so do i bloody hope i recover soon or im going to jump off a bridge, either that
    or i am going to never forgive myself if i have to stop using it.

    Thanyou for your concerns cheers the critta

    :D :D :roll: :roll:
  • ALWAYS tell your doctor the truth.

    My right testicle was saved recently because I let the doctor know what I was doing. I think that if there is some sort of trauma(even if it is from pleasure) there is a chance that injury can happen. My testicles somehow became twisted when I was sleeping and I had a great session just before I went to sleep. I woke up with the massager in and extreme pain. The doctor just about ruled out the possibility that the massager was the main problem, but I think that it may have been a contributing factor.

    Has anyone noticed that when multi-orgasms happen the testicles move around vigorously. I think that I just had bad luck, but we should all monitor ourselves while we enjoy or prostate massage.