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Very, very nice session!
  • Greetings, everyone!

    Tonight I had a very sublime session. When I got out of bed I noticed some four plus hours had passed, yet I had no idea I spent that much time "under". I think I might have to name my progasm "Tardis" in honor of this nifty power. Oh wait, that one did space dilation, right? Well, "Mr. Flux C." would work nicely, too.

    Ok so tonight I decided to totally eschew the egg. I wanted to "get back to my roots" and try some Organic Nipple Stim (don't look for this at your local farmer's market). It felt just amazing; my penis felt a millimeter shy of bursting from the insanguination (yay! made-up word for the night).

    I took the time --while treating my nipples to dancing, circular caresses with my fingertips-- to heat up the Maximus, injector, and Helix. Goddess knows, of course, after the lube had cooled some (big ouchies if I hadn't waited), my hand made a mad dash-grasp for the Pro', instead.

    At first it didn't want to make acquaintance with my "softer side", but I found experimenting with the "angle of entry" (damn I'm full of cutesy phrases tonight) almost made it easy, if slow.

    Yeah um, I could take a long time describing the feelings. I'll say nay to that drudgery and give highlights: wonderful feelings in my belly, little dots on my abdomen and sides that felt like the nervous equivalent of large starfishing dustbunnies, a warm tickling sensation behind my scrotum, like an inch beneath the skin (obviously the prostate area), and a big beefy finger of serious i'm-not-letting-you-go pressure at my sweet spot. Oh and oodles of precum, while I remember. Oh yes.

    I tried belly, side, and back. I think, for me, side has the most potential. The penetration feels deepest with the side, and least with the back. The belly can have some great "vulnerable" sensation offerings, and I love that, but even if I tuck my penis between my legs and away from me like a castigated dog (penis, latin for tail, get it ha? ok ok I'll stop), it just won't stop trying to dominate the sensations. Maybe I should tuck it some other way.

    I actually had a mini-O with the foreplay nipple stim, and a nice one during the session proper. I felt like I came very close to some kind of breakthrough, but... I could distinctly feel a need for more lube (maybe I didn't insert far enough? oh wait, I had a four-hour session, haha). It distracted me and hindered the bliss enough for me to relent and go for masturbation.

    I did like a good boy and pulled Mr. Fluxy out beforehand. It seems like my latest sessions have improved a great deal after months of lackluster performance. I didn't want to spoil the progression by using the aneros as a masturbatory aid. Phew what a mess! But exquisite fun, believe me.

    Ok, I guess I'll stop there. I just feel happy and positive and wanted to share.

    The best to you all,

    Yours truly in journey,