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Anyone ever fallen asleep with CD playing?
  • Well, I just had a new and wonderful experience.

    I had started the normal MP3s as usual for a night of pleasure with a session without the Aneros (seems I have better luck without it at times) and didn't realize just how tired I was. I fell asleep after the deep breathing after having my body spasm like usual during the relaxzation process.

    Well, I awoke to being interrupt in a dream (a little embarrassed too) and pulled out the earbuds I had in my ears to hear someone. What I felt however totally threw me off guard and made all conversation an afterthought. I was having intense p-waves, only like I had experienced once before. They kept coming and this was kind of like trying to stop a moving train with a feather when I started to move to get.

    Instead, I remained very still and just enjoyed the sensations that lasted for the next fifteen minutes or so. I felt the quivering pulsing in the perineum and the light anal contractions that drove me to nearly moan which would have been very bad at this time. Once they stopped, I tried to remember more and did.

    The dreams I had when listening were amazing and literally an out of body experience. (I don't dream much with the meds I'm on, unless they are nightmares, so dreaming nice things at all is a pleasure now when it happens.)

    These dreams were of things so vivid that I believe they were induced by my mind finally letting go for that short time and relaxing to sleep on the level I had not for so long a time. They were not your simple sexy dreams as one might imagine when listening to Alana but fulfulling dreams too.

    They started off as the more pleasurable things I had done, experiences I had happen to me and of times when I was younger. Only after those flashes in the dream, did I move on to actually dreaming/envisioning the erotic imagery of the story I have been writing. This is what I think drove me over the edge and into the p-waves. I had never been this fulfilled in my dreams upon waking and this dream made me feel better than I had in a long time. I only wish I hadn't been woke up!

    Anyway once I had been awakened, I couldn't get back to it and haven't yet. I have been able to relax faster now with the MP3 and achieve the p-waves much faster even without the aneros. I hope this guides me to a new area with the aneros.

    I just wanted to share this with all and I was wondering if anyone else had any experience like this?

    I would like to thank Alana again and all the others for making this CD/MP3 a reality. I know that with it we will all propser in our journey into pleasure. It has greatly increased the pleasure in my life and has started me on my journey again into my meditation.

    I THANK YOU all. :D
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,740
    I frequently moan in my sleep at night after a daytime session. My wife is used to it. The dog isn't.

    I never recall a dream but usually awake with a healthy NE. Not rewired yet.
  • What MP3 were you playing?
  • I was playing the MP3 of the CD that is available from aneros. The one used for the aneros sessions. I had to download it since I got it when they didn't have any in stock. It is a very good MP3 of the CD, I believe.
  • Oh, yeah, HypnAerosession!