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How to Recognize Early Super O Feelings for Newbies
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I had a wonderful session last night. It is 7:30 am est . . . my wife is still sleeping but I came to my computer to post this sequence before I forgot it.

    Over the last three years I have seen many posts of newbies who ask this it? What does it feel like to have a super O? Last night as I was bathed in the sensation of one of the best sessions I have ever had ...I maintained enough rational thought to try and remember the sequence of feelings and responses. I am sure that Hummel, Darwin, Mayfield and other experts have detailed these many times . . . . anyway the interest of getting different perspectives here is my observation and advice.

    For me . . . early morning .... 3 am to 5 am is best window of opportiunity. Invariably I awake with a good erection at this time and I have total body relaxation going for me. I keep all my supplies on the night stand for this moment so I don't have to get out of bed or move and spoil the sensation or mood. Typically I do these alone in a hotel room. I roll onto my right side with left knee pulled up with my thigh at a 45 degree angle to my torso and thigh against the bed. I have found recently that the smaller the better for me . . allowing more movement I think (peridises and eupho are by far my favorites) Do lubing. Head of my penis is pressing ever so lightly on the mattress . . . ideally the softest matress the better . . the new down things in hotels are the best.

    I relax and wait for feelings. Mine will start as a tingling focusing around the corona of my my penis.
    It helps to get really pornographic with my thoughts ...thinking as nasty as I can. The tingling will gradually turn into an irregular twitching of my penis and balls and the base of my penis at my perineum. It will increase in regularity and sensation as I continue. The sensation is a tingling - tickling that wraps around my entire penis and balls ...a sort of tensing - jumping. It is increasing in intensity slowly. This is a critical point to maintain relaxation ...this is where I had been stiffling it for the first year of my effort. Allow the tingling - twitching to continue and enjoy the feeling without tensing.

    Follow the feeling . . . I use mental imagery of just that ...picturing following it with my penis . . . this will sound wierd but I use the imagery that my penis is a diving rod that is looking for the feeling.

    I continue nasty thoughts. Ever so slowly the irregular twitching will change to a rythmic thumping of my anus. It is is kind of a sucking sort of a thumping where my anus is drawing in and releasing abruptly. Like a suction pump. This thumping will deepen until it is a regular contraction - spasm that is deepening into my rectum and I feel a tightening deep inside of me (my prostate filling and swelling). It is till regular ...almost in time to a heartbeat in speed. Then the the contraction thumping starts to syncopate . . thumping in a pattern that is like 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2-3.

    Now nipple action helps along with the nasty thoughts. I start by moderately maintaintaining a squeeze the aerola of my left nipple (don't ask me why .. the left one works best ...go figure). Pardon the gross analogy but it is kind of like squeezing a pimple. The syncopation quickens and the sensation is now engulfing my rectum, perineum, cock, balls and deep inside my asshole . .. obviously my prostate. I stop the squeezing and change to treating my erect - hardened nipple like a toggle switch. Every 10 seconds or so I flick it as if I was turning it on or off. Literally the feeling in my nipple is transmitted directly to mt prostate ...the human body is miraculous. Now the syncopated contraction bunches up into a flutter for a just a moment and then transitions into these lovely wave like pumping contractions that start deep inside of me and run from my prostate out my rectum, to my perineum and balls and cock. It is literally a linear wave like squeezing just like you were emptying a toothpaste tube from the bottom and working up and out. Relaxation now is really important as I will not get the benefit of the contractions releasing if I am tense. Relaxation allows the contraction to be full and deep.

    Imagery is irrelevant to me at this point. I just focus on the feeling. I continue to flick my nipple every ten to fifteen seconds.

    The wave like sequence will typically be: build up of 3 - 5 minutes, spasm of 1-2 minutes, come down of 5 or so minutes. Start the process over again.

    About eight months ago I decided to let my wife in on what I was doing. I figured it was better than admitting a mistress. To my great pleasure she was intrigued and asked if she could watch some time.

    I put off the watching thing for embarassment and inhibiting the relaxation and thought process. However, a few weeks ago I tried to demonstrate for her . . . indeed it was not the best session ... I was too tense. Last night however I suggested to her that I wanted to involve her in the effort to see if I could overcome the self conciousness.

    I set the room up really romantically … candlelight and mellow background music. We stayed up late and started the session at 2 am. We both got naked. I avoided going to sleep and thought that cuddling and petting her naked body in the setting would get me both relaxed and horney. It did. I then kissed my way down to between her legs and began to tease her clit with my tongue. In between I was telling her what we were going to do. I didn’t get her off but got her really worked up. I know how to do her really really well after our 36 years of marriage.

    After she was really hot I turned her on her side and got behind her spoon style, nestling my erect penis in her ass crack. My left hand was reaching over her hips with my middle finger buried between her very wet lips, tweaking her clit lightly. My right arm was bent and was between us so that I could simultaneously tweak my left nipple. As I slowly massaged her dripping wet clit I lightly squeezed my nipple as previously described. I also was narrating to her exactly what I was feeling.

    After two minutes of this my prostate and asshole began to twitch wildly, building up incredible sensations. After fives my erection was gone (good sign because this means I won’t cum) and my cock stops twitching and begins thumping alternating with my prostate … again described earlier . The feeling builds (speed and intensity) up to a crescendo that made it really hard for me to concentrate and talk anymore and soon I was reduced to groaning with an occasional hasty utterence. The crecendo then launched into extended orgasmic spasms.

    The amazing thing this time was that instead of the usual waves . . . I went over the top into an extended set of back to back orgasmic spasms. The tweaking of my nipple just kept starting the contractions. They didn’t let up but instead grew in intensity with each one. I kept tweaking her clit and my nipple simultaneously. Her groans and my own nipple sensation triggered me bridging from spasm to spasm non stop. They just kept going and going with no let up between them. My prostate and cock were going wild. I was panting and sweating. They just kept on going and going and growing in intensity.

    Last night was the first time I had tremors of my entire body. After 30 minutes I was having out of body sensations and my prostate had taken over. I was no longer in control. I was beginning to fear that I was going to break or rupture something but the feeling was so intense and exquisite. I couldn’t stop. There was no mental imagery just raw sensation. I looked at he clock after a while further and realized it had been 45 minutes non stop. My asshole was contracting hard and I was shaking. I had unloaded a gallon of pre cum in her ass crack. Soon it was as if my entire body was engaged in the spasm my extremities were now the place where the tingling strated and theey worked along my skin to my asshole and cock in wave like motions. It was as if my entire body was a sex organ pushing sensation into her ass crack. After almost an hour i was sweaty mess and I surrendered and gave up. I rolled over and lay on my back

    I was a sweaty mess but I was still really horny. My soft penis slowly began to get erect. She asked me if I came and I said no I hadn’t …she thought I might have because of the amount of pre cum I leaked onto her. My cock was semi erect and still leaking. She laughed and looked at it. She asked me if I could cum after that . . . . I said sure. She shook her head and grabbed the head of my cock and began to firmly jerk it. In moments it was fully erect and in a few more moments I shot a thick rope of come three feet in the air, followed by two more squirts which were restricted to rolling out of my cock in two gobs.

    That is it. I apologize for the length but I thought it might have some value to others. If I have found anything out that the ride keeps getting better. It is a metaphor for life is a continuous process of learning, improving, observing and feeling sensation as you go. Even after three years I have much to learn.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello bigguy, :)

    Thank you so much for posting the details of your current session. It was fascinating to read, and provides good information for me to use in my future sessions.

  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Hey, bigguy, don’t apologize for anything, I think you have the makings of a great porn novel there. I got very horny just reading it. And please convey my admiration for your wife, who is clearly a great sport with the best possible attitude about this.

    As a newbie whose first super-O is probably still some way in the future, it was a very tantalizing and helpful read. For those of us who have not yet experienced these sensations, some part of our minds whispers, “yeah, sure…” as if it’s either not credible or at least it must be greatly exaggerated.

    Because of course in an actual porn novel we vicariously imagine the action, but we know it was all made up, and we can’t have it for real. But there is no doubt in my mind that your story is true, and that’s what is so exciting, the very real likelihood that if I keep working on this, I can have the same pleasures.

    Thanks for writing it all down while it was still fresh in your mind.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I know ...sometimes when I read the things that I journal about this journey and the posts that I submit ...I think. . . gee this really runs close to being porno. But then I think ...hell . . . all I am doing is telling what I am experiencing and I think . . . damn ...I am so lucky! Oftentimes I will see these suave don juans on tv and in the news and I think to myself ...I bet they don't have the experience that I do . . . wow.
  • There is some great insights in there, stuff I have been doing to screw up my own sessions that you explain NOT to do. Thank you for leading me down the correct path. Great story. :wink: