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my first attempt with an MGX : disappointment
  • Hi folks!

    I am new to the Aneros. Read about it for months, and finally bought one last monday.

    just a couple of minutes ago I finished my first session:
    unfortunately I didnt get no "big O" or Super-orgasm, or however u wonna call it.

    I inserted the MGX with lube, and started working a little with the muscles. or PCmuscles as u call it.

    then I masturbated, during orgasm, nothing unusual.
    am I doing something wrong ? anyone ?
  • BunglesBungles
    Posts: 30
    The most essential thing of the Aneros is, what you're doing wrong.

    Your forcing it, rather then let things develop.

    Stop setting your mind so much on getting a super-O,

    Just let things develop and you will experience new sensations.
  • Hello and welcome! :)

    Sorry for sounding snide, but I'm starting to get a feeling that this forum might need a stickied "I tried Aneros for the first time and it didn't feel as I expected FAQ" thread. :wink:

    In short: no worries. My first session was a letdown as well, no matter how well I thought I had all the tricks memorized. And it wasn't until my sixth session that I got a sensation that left me feeling light headed for nearly full 24 hours.

    If you want a piece of advice from my personal experience, it would be: don't strain yourself physically during the first few sessions. Don't try any hard contractions, you're unlikely to feel anything worthwhile. Instead focus on the breathing / contraction exercises listed in the Aneros Wiki, or better yet, try to do nothing. Just relax, breath easy, and assume a position where the massager can easily maneuver with the slightest of involuntary or reflexive contractions. Once your body and mind are free of distractions and expectations, you'll start to feel the minor sensations, and learn how to reinforce them (it's the whole re-wiring speech, read it in the Aneros Wiki. It's very true.)

    Incidentally, I too feel very little improvement to my orgasms if I masturbate in the traditional way with the Aneros inserted, much less than with some butt plugs I've used. From what I've gathered on the forum, the intensity of sensation varies noticeably from person to person. But don't worry, I'm adamant that there's a field of intense sensation reserved for every person who uses the Aneros.

    [Edited for proper or at least betterer grammar. You could say I'm anal about it, hur hur.]
  • I am supposed to let things last longer? longer moving with muscles? taking my time ? :?
  • thanx Rod! didnt read your reply first, but thanx man,
  • thanx Rod! didnt read your reply first, but thanx man,

    You're very welcome. Like I said, take your time, and don't sweat it. If you have a printer available, I'd recommend printing out the whole "Getting started" chapter of the Aneros Wiki. It makes a good relaxing read during a session.. speaking from personal experience. :wink: