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Aneros Chat - After Hours
  • So we're going to try something new. Since the chat room is now closed for the rest of the week, I have decided to host a Yahoo Chat event for the remainder of the day. All's you need to do is download yahoo instant messenger and add my screename:


    From there I'll invite you into the room and you'll be set. :) What are you all waiting for? Join NOW!!! 8) :twisted:

    It's quite a nice alternative actually. So, we're all waiting for ya! :wink:
  • Very nice initiave. Noticed there were quite of lot nice folks hooked on tonight. TOo bad it couldn't last any longer. :wink:
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I think that the time was better. The last one I was on was later in the evening. Interesting discussions. I try to learn from them.