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Finally found something, some muscle use clarification!
  • OK, i'd pretty much forgotten about this with the rush of stuff I'd been doing all summer. I saw this in my bookmarks a few weeks back, and was waiting for an opportunity to try it again.

    Just for a little clarification-- I am an analytical thinker-- more scientific than emotional, so a lot of the stuff that many of the posters would recommend didn't work for me (i'm sure they work excedingly well for others, however.)

    i decided to abandon my old ideas of what muscles to contract. I am using the helix, and was contracting the urine interruptus muscles fully-- (you know, the ones that contract cyclically during Traditional O.) This provided a very rough sensation, and it makes sense that I was not feeling any pleasure.

    I've been seriously doing cardio (1 hour 90% HR ) for the past few weeks, and have become a lot more aware of my hip and butt muscles. Then I saw alv's Super O and Bolero video and saw him contracting his buttcheeks. Then i remembered a muscle I had been able to isolate quite naturally by contracting the middle lower part of my butt. It also causes the sphincter to contract, but much more gently. So I decided to try a session (after months) and use this muscle only.

    I lay on my back, and had my knees up. and within 2 contractions 2-3 seconds apart, I felt what can only be described as a buzzing/tingling sensation deep in my gut. It evolved into a rather pleasurable sensation with repeated contraction, but after about 120 contractions, went away. a few drops of precum had leaked out without me even feeling it.

    I turned on my left side, had my quads at a 135 degree angle to my torso, and began contracting again. This, within ten contractions, reactivated the buzzing sensation, and became even stronger. it felt so good that I felt like moving my hips and thrusting. more precum was released this time. But the sensation suddenly died out as if the chain reaction had been interupted.

    I fell asleep, and woke up at 3am and took it out.
    this is the morning after. and this is how I feel about the aneros now.


    It fucking works. I knew you guys weren't making up stuff, but after failing so many times, I began to think maybe I did not have the correct physical structure to make the sensations occur. Thankfully, I'm just like you guys.

    While I hope to develop the emotional and (EDIT for clarification) spiritual aspect that some of you have presented as key in the journey, I do not believe they are the only ways to attain results. My own experience shows this.