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Penis NOT! Part II
  • After a number of months now of reading the posts on the forum, thinking about things, ENJOYING my Helix and Progasm, I think it's time to delve in again.

    My earlier post has been dissected by some of you, and for that I thank you. Please understand from the start that my impetus here is not to in any way to criticize, dictate or preach, but rather, to enlighten, reveal and encourage. As it has been said many, many times, the Aneros experience is different for everyone and there is simply no right or wrong. It simply is.

    Next, my posts are often written over a period of time, so pardon me if I get a little “stream of consciousness” on you as sometime my thoughts might not connect as well as I might like.

    You can read all kinds of stuff about technique in posts and in the Wiki. All of it is good. Do what works. But the one thoroughly consistent aspect of all, it seems to me, is one’s state of mind. I see so much discouragement. “I tried it and it didn’t work.” “I must be dead down there.” (I think I used that one) and my favorite, “is there any way to get a refund on these things?” So I’m writing again to encourage all to keep ‘plugging’ away. Pun intended.

    Penis NOT! Was an attempt to help guys understand that the destination is worthy of a sometimes bumpy or boring or unfulfilled trip. To shift the paradigm a bit and get guys thinking of the experience as a whole and not about only penile pleasures. I think it worked. Maybe the title of this post is really not right, but this is an extension of my metaphysical meanderings started in the first post so it is what it is.

    Now I have a confession to make to all of you: I’ve become an addict of sorts, I guess. (Rumel, thanks for the "demanding mistress" allusion.)

    I was originally going to posit the question: “how much is too much” because I found myself trying to find time EVERY DAY for my toy, almost to the exclusion of work sometimes (I’m self employed.) I have had fabulous success with my Aneros. Now, this is not a brag, just an observation. I was/am hooked on the experience. I crave it. I can’t wait for another session. I’ve had some that last 3-4 hours…so much so that I’m exhausted the next day. While this is great, it may not be good. I think I’ve come to the realization of the old maxim: “Moderation in all things.” It may apply doubly here. I believe that by spacing my sessions a little further apart, my joy is enhanced when I do get down to it. It also gives my mind a little time to both breathe and anticipate.

    So I guess this is less about the Aneros experience per se, as wonderful as it is, but rather, about the QUALITY of the experience over the QUANTITY of the experience. I may be out beyond some of our newer and less experienced (less blessed?) brethren, but once you’ve achieved Super O level, and you certainly will with patience, relaxation and practice, there are, I believe, other levels to achieve beyond the “O”. I simply want to continue to encourage your continuing quest. What I’m saying is that if you, like I did early on, find yourself working way hard to achieve Super O, I would encourage you to slow down and try less often. Anticipation can work for you and most certainly against you. So here’s my point: Try to make your Aneros experience more about your state of mind than your craving for physical satisfaction.

    Actually, I think many of you who read the forums are very much like me. You’ve made it! You can achieve Super O, if not every time (sometimes the prostate just doesn’t’ cooperate) you get there most of the time. Ya? Guys, it does get that good, it does. And better.

    So, and because it’s not about the penis, there is another level…perhaps several…to achieve in the reality that is the Aneros experience. I have decided to name this next level in my Aneros odyssey, at least for me, and that name is ECSTASY…The Big E. Somewhere I read, I think Rumel wrote it, that you can sometimes find that ‘hot spot’ on your prostate that you can hold, and hold and hold and hold…that leads, often, to the Big E. It’s paralytic. You’re frozen. You may forget to breathe. It’s like that, only better.

    It’s an altered state. There is no other reality than where you are and what you’re doing. It can last a long time, too. It’s the ultimate Aneros experience state for me, to date. You actually become aware that it’s gone beyond the already-complex Aneros orgasm centered in your groin, but like an opiate (no personal experience with that!) it becomes a metaphysical and mind altering phenomenon. It becomes its own state of being at that moment, and with concentration, relaxation and experience, it will continue to the point of bliss…ECSTASY.

    Self awareness and self security lead to metaphysical peace. Your everyday world may be peaceful or noisy, structured or chaotic. It really doesn't matter. What does matter, I believe, is that every mind needs a place to go that generates metaphysical peace. That’s for you to discover, surely. I find it both exhilarating and thought provoking. The mental peace quiets my mind. It has actual physical ramifications for me, too…more about that another time.

    Ergo. Aneros may (it most certainly does for me) provide that level of physical release that only comes with a mind at rest. Your state of mind, not your physical self, may…may…be your stumbling block. I encourage you to search your experience and dig deep. I truly believe that one should not have to resort to evocative external stimulus, like pornography, to get “in the mood” for an Aneros session. There is real power in the relaxation and mental quieting that comes with the physical reality of your Aneros. Insert it and let your mind and body rest.

    Metaphysically, Aneros time should be a spiritual experience; many will vouch for my assertion. Give your mental capacity some credit, guys! Let the experience move you…peacefully, spiritually, quietly…and help you reach the levels you so richly deserve.

    Porn poisons your mind. Aneros liberates it. Trust yourself. You’re worth it.
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  • Great post Cockadoodle!
    You have some great contributions. :D