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Emotional and Physiological Changes
  • In the various threads that pervade this site there is a consistent theme of mental state and physiological state coming together in the exercise of these wonderful little devices. Also there is the oft repeated observation that the brain is the largest sexual organ in the human body. Interesting that the brain is driven by chemical and electrical impulses . . . which miss aneros messes with in a positive way.

    This last week I have been on the road for 5 days . . . apart from my wife the entire time. As always these trips (at night) afford an excellent opportunity to ply my time with our little plastic friends. In 5 days I did 2 sessions of two hours each, two days apart. In the intervening evenings I did three hour long aneros less sessions. The last aneros session was just amazing. I was actually gasping for breath ...the response was so intense. In the five days I did not ejaculate once, although I wanted to on multiple occasions. I found that after an intense session ...sitting in a hot bath relaxes the tension in my prostate and perineum and leaves me feeling pretty normal. However normal my musculature might be feeling . . . my hormones were really ramped up. This was born out this afternoon when I came home...when I kissed my wife hello and we sat down to get caught up after being apart the week. The kiss facilitated an incredible erection as expected. After we parted from that initial embrace, I brought my bags in from the car and unpacked. An hour later I was sitting on the couch with her ...just talking. She laid back and put her head on my lap as we talked. All of a sudden this wave over took me . . . not lust, but rather pure joy. I know it sounds hokey but that is what it was . . . a spiritual joy that had my insides literally vibrating . . . and not just my perineum, but my head, chest and skin as well. Accompanying it was this overwhelming need to be close and touching her. No erection no precum etc . . . this was all in the head . . . and subsequently throughout my body. I had not felt like this since we first met 37 years ago.

    I am 58, we have 3 kids and have been married 37 years . . . yet I felt like a teenager. Tonight we will have sex . . . I suspect it will be slow and intense. Here again ...the two years of aneros use has given me much greater staying power and much more forceful ejaculations.

    I have not done any of the mind - body eastern meditation things but I think that I have stumbled into some of the basics on my own.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Yeah, you have definitely stumbled onto something. Why do you think 'BF Mayfield' gave these little massagers the title of “Tantric training wheels” ? I think that is a pretty good description, don't you?

    The rewiring process can expand your sensual, emotional and psychic boundaries in wonderful ways as you are finding out. I am pleased to hear of your life enriching progress and the re-kindling of affection for your wife.
  • Great story, thanks for sharing! :D
  • Bigguy,

    You certainly are arriving! This is my technique as well. It travel a good bit, and I SO look forward to my motel evenings.

    Congratulations and many happy returns!
  • a big thank you has bigguy and Rumel for his beautiful explanation has read and reread thank you to all :shock: :wink: :wink: