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Hypnaerosession not working for me.....
  • Hey,

    I tried the hypnaerosession today and while I can see how it can work, I was too creeped out by the disembodied sexy voice to be able to get fully into the whole business.

    Still, it helped me a bit. I began to feel itchy and happy somewhere in my lower body, which I'm assuming is my prostate.

    Any other relaxation sessions out there that don't involve a floating sexy voice?
  • So let me get this straight?

    You sit here saying it doesn't work in your title. Yet, you say you were able to begin achieving some new sensations. So, IN FACT, this CD did help and you just would rather emphasize your point that it didn't work because YOU didn't get the results you wanted (You set goals for your session).

    I'm confused how it didn't work when you said it produced nice feelings. That's what it's supposed to help with. I suggest for you to listen to it again, but, instead of being freaked or creeped out, try using it as a tool for learning more about your body. After all, this is a form of hypnosis and this will take time. It takes an open mind for one to be able to put that CD in and go with the flow. For that I commend you for your courage and openness in doing this.

    Please give it another shot only this time release all expectations and don't set any goals for yourself. Don't expect to have a full blown super-O the first time you listen to the CD. I reiterate again that things like this take time.

    Try not to give up to prematurely. Enjoy what ya have instead of what ya don't. :lol: 8)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    'FrostFire' has this right, “HypnAerosession” was intended to get you in a suitable frame of mind and body to experience a Super-O. It was never conceived to be a one shot launch into Super-Odom. To be effective you will need to adopt an open mind and repeated listenings to allow the suggestions and subliminal messages to become anchored. After you have had a number of listenings, I am confident 'Alana's voice will not seem disembodied, at least not any more than any other recorded female's voice.

    And as far as the “sexy voice” goes, that was my intention from the beginning, I'm sorry if it “creeped” you out but I absolutely love her voice.

    Please give the recording a chance to work its magic, after a dozen sessions with it I would like you to then give your review, I think you will find it easier to get relaxed and 'in the groove' much quicker.
  • Hi, all.

    I have used the first session of the mp3s to get started on my journey like many.

    I also agree that since you had some reaction that the session is starting to work for you. :?

    I found it weird to listen to the first time since I had no idea of what the wonderful lady was going to say or how she would suggest it. :wink:

    To get over this hesitation I listened to the first mp3 without the aneros or anything else. I just sat down and did some writing and listened to it in the background.

    The second time I listened to it, I really listened to the music and gentleness in the voice and the longing that the voice has in it. (She really makes you wish to follow her suggestions.) By the third time, (I had finally gotten my MP3 player) I listened to it while just trying to relax. No aneros or anything else to complicate things. I just relaxed, but better than I had relaxed in a long time. :shock:

    I think that many people have the idea that the CD's or MP3's are going to give you the right from the start experience that so many crave. :? I hate to say this but for most it will not. Only through practiced breathing and relaxation can you learn to let yourself learn to use the aneros and experience the little pleasures it will give you along your journey to the Super O. :)

    I also think that many think that these CD's or MP3's are going to be some type of bute force hypnotic trance that will do the work for them. With a voice like Alana's, that won't happen and these sessions were not made for that kind of hypnotic trance. (I'm not certain that anyone could force this to happen actually.)

    For me it was simply allowing myself to let her voice guide me and using my own fantasy's to get me to the excitement that the aneros requires for it to give this pleasure to you. :D

    Don't give up on the CD's or MP3's! Use them to just relax and don't even do the suggestions she makes or use the aneros at first. Just relax, if you go to sleep, ok, if you get turned on, ok, but don't expect anything from them. Just let them allow you to relax or pleasure yourself. :wink:

    Have fun!
  • There is solid work being put into the session. There is a lot of use of going through the discipline of going through what the session has to offer. Specially when you are not skilled at some of the things. The relaxation part helps some people a ton while others like myself are very attuned to the relaxation process. But in general it helped me out inintialy to install a state of mind that will help me in my O'goal. Its about frame of mind, instalation.

    There is a lot of goodnes into the session
    - instaling comand words
    - centering the attention
    - relaxation and stimulation through music and voice
    - someone keeping you company through the process
    - ...

    Im very much looking forward for future sessions that could be elaborated for the aneros experiences. Different voices, imagery, scenarios, experience. As I PM'ed you Rumel I would be a happy buyer of anything you put out with your heart.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    abelian said:


    I tried the hypnaerosession today and while I can see how it can work, I was too creeped out by the disembodied sexy voice to be able to get fully into the whole business.
    .... snip ....
    Any other relaxation sessions out there that don't involve a floating sexy voice?

    I'd go further than FrostFire and rumel. I think you're doing well with it.

    Playing it through once or twice on a 'dry run' is an excellent idea. That way you'll know the content in advance and if it calls for a thoughtful decision, you'll have a ready answer.

    Some help:
    -- The object of this session is to prevent lapsing into cognitive/intelligent thought, reduce distracting "brain noise," maintain prostate focus and eliminate boredom during your session.
    -- the 'floating voice' is intentionally produced by some high-tech sounds we don't hear. Those help us toward a near-trance condition. Just relax and go with it. Use high quality ear buds to take best advantage of this. 8)
    -- Kelly Howell's productions use similar techniques -- check out Ecstasy on her website.
    -- Everyone will have one or two hiccup points during Hypnaerosessson -- for me it was the surprise about using my own fantasy. I first picked an old encounter to build upon. Then, changed my mind to another. ---> the indecision broke the spell. Now I know that's 'cumming' and move through it quickly. You'll find other potential stumbling blocks and be ready to detour them.

    As FrostFire says. Hang in there. :!: :!:

    I've become an 'easy lay' for Alana and usually lapse into a mini-O at the 75 minute point on the mp3 version. She gets the ring in my nose and pulls me right through her script. Big thing is that she is teaching me how to build my own session without her help. :D 8)