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An outdoor session
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have recently found a new method of enjoying a session. Not able to find quiet time and solatude around the home, I took my aneros collection on the road.
    I packed a blanket, pillow, ziplock bag full of different aneros models and lube and just a bit of weed. I live in a rural area anyway, so I didin't have too much trouble finding a nice quiet meadow to have my picnic. I was just the right kind of day, warm and breezy with lots of sun and occasional cloud rolling by. I laid down in the tall grass and had a most wonderful time lulled almost to sleep by the warm sun and breeze.
    I don't smoke weed too often (mostly just my sessions) but this was very special lying nude out in nature with the only sounds being the wind blowing though the treetops, the birds singing and an occasion bee buzzing around, matching the buzzing going on inside my head. It was a real rush and a very enjoyable session just getting back to nature. I have enjoyed a couple other picnics since then, but none as enjoyable as the first.
    For me, it was the peace and quiet I needed to make things happen. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • pifpif
    Posts: 30
    Next time take me with you!!!
    :lol: 8) :D
  • Hey, thhn, that is a beautiful picture, and it nicely illustrates that these pleasures we are after are not necessarily just sexual in nature. They can easily become a part of an overall meditative experience. I have some of my best sessions lying out on the deck (we’re in a very secluded spot) soaking up the sun and listening to the birds. I second the recommedation.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    it was very relaxing and I'm sure that has to help with the session
    A meditative experience is exactly what is was Woodsman. Unfortunately, with summer ending, I feel these days are numbered now but I plan to take advantage of any warm weather yet to come. I had high hopes for one today, but waking up to a temp of 40 degrees quickly put that thought out of my mind
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well Men! :D

    thhn! Talk about reconnecting! Imagine if Henry David Thoreau had had an aneros collection with him at Walden Pond!!! Or John Muir on his travels!!! America and the world would be very different places today perhaps...

    That is, if those who led us back then into the renewed intimate love of, energetic explorations and enjoyment of, scientific fascination and respectful research of, and careful conservation of nature at human scale and bigger.. vaster...
    had also explored, written about and celebrated the exploration and intimate energies of their inner body/mind orgasmic nature, and full bioenergetic potential...

    Well actually Walt Whitman did!!!:shock: :D I Sing the Body Electric in Leaves of Grass says it all(or at least a good part of it)! Read Whitman and multiply (multiply and mulitplee) orgasm with nature's resonant joys!

    I often think of Walt or feel his presence in my sessions and with mrs. a. In our more vigourous early years we made love outdoors and camping many times. Mrs. a astride my thighs as I stood legs wider apart, hugging each other as one and standing and thrusting/bouncing joyously in a forest clearing or in fields of wild flowers the sun streaming down, adding its warmth, energies, or while holding onto the side of the boat while skinny-dipping in the lake by the towering rock face of the cliffs, or...

    Thhn, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and experiences! And your thoughts too Woodsman! :D And for reminding us all of the power of being natural men, nakedly, directly, thrillingly alive in the natural world: both outer and inner!!

    I go for walks with my Eupho in on occasion with great massage (BPH therapy) and bliss results, or go for a walk along favourite forest trails when I feel a great set of Day-After Effects coming on, if time/commitments permit. Or just decide to go for a walk and be able to bring all manner of (situation appropriate ;)) orgasmic energies on at will... aahhhh....

    I grew up hiking forests and cliffs, rivers and lakes. Some of the best prostate massage sessions of my youth and into middle age were stopping on a solo hike, stripping completely, soaking in the swirling vast energies of nature all around, fingering myself through great pleasures to cruder early versions of a Super-T, before this had ever been defined and refined.

    Here is a thread that explored aneros use while swimming and hiking earlier and some joker in the last post set it to music...

    Whatever one's faith tradition and/or scientific world view, we are, each one of us, part of the astounding miracle/evolution of the material universe achieving self-consciousness!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: ...

    We are particles and energies, the universe, becoming self-aware and self-reflective. And nature, the universe, has expended a fair amount of energy getting to this point, whether by accident or intention of inherent in the rules or forethought. The choice of frameworks doesn't change the facts.

    We are this century's explorers of our more complete inner nature, our holistic better inner nature. What interior "national parks" will we found? What cultural/natural commons pif?

    Well after that, phew!, a good nap in the zero gravity chair on the patio with my Eupho sounds just about right. See ya'll later...:wink:

    all reconnecting with our being as energies achieving self-consciousness

    and reflecting and artfully celebrating that being all

  • Reading through your post, artform, has brought memories I have rarely revisited for years now. Ones of the many many times I would roam through the Maine woods alone, find a special secluded spot --- often covered in moss and surrounded by ferns, strip naked and jack off. These would be times when I would feel intensely close to my creator God; and, as my cum would become a part of His creation around me, I would feel completely purged of the stress of the world beyond. These are wonderful memories indeed! The thoughts of engaging my Eupho in such a setting is bringing on a wave of chairgasms of intense pleasure as I post this message! Ah, the journey DOES continue. :D
  • Reading the rest of your posts but especially STAR831's, I realize how much alike we all must be. I, too, have on many occasions, gone out into a secluded spot to jack off. I used to drive my car to a isolated country road and practice edging. It was always a highlight. And, there's nothing more exciting to me than having sex in a tent with my wife. It gets me really horny and hard. What is this that drives us to be so au natural (sp? sorry ;")? It must be that we feel a connection with our it all was originally meant to be. I recently watched the documentary Woodstock and how the young kids at the time frolicked openly in the nude at the pond on site. I did this as a teen with friends in the mountains. It was all so natural (not that I'm advocating premarital sex, mind you). But, there's something here that harkens back to our creation, I think. I share this view with many on this forum...we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Oh Man, thhn, you really started something, you’ve got us all waxing poetic. Some great responses, I got a big kick out of them. I had forgotten those days of my youth when I would go into the woods alone and jack off in some secluded spot. Unfortunately a part of me often felt guilty at the time, but another part of me recognized something profound in it. I later came to understand that on some primitive level I was engaging in some kind of communion with the earth around me. Thanks all for reviving these memories.
    Artform, you were way ahead of me, back then I knew nothing about prostate massage. It wasn’t until years later that I began to understand about such things, but then I’m a slow learner. Imagine how much more peaceful the world would be if more men released their energies in these ways.