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*Couples' Introductory Practices
  • View Poll Results: How involved is your partner with your aneros practice? Voters: 6

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    My partner does not know at all 6 100.00%

    We discussed it before I bought my first aneros 3 50.00%

    I wish I could tell my partner 1 16.67%

    My partner knows I do solo 15 250.00%

    We incorporate my aneros use in our love-making 24 400.00%

    We both do anal play 3 50.00%

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    The question of how to introduce your wife or partner to the fact of your aneros practice seems to be a significant question for many in the Forum. Here is a chance to gather some sense of where others are at, and gather and share ideas about the various possibilities.

    Here we can all share our stories of how involved our partners are in our practice by voting and telling our story in this thread. Welcome all!

    For our story and mrs. a's and my "mutual prostates practice", see my blog:

    sharing these orgasmic energies can be the highest best practice

  • As I've shared in the forum and in my blog, early on in my journey, I found that my wife got turned on inserting and withdrawing my Aneros for me. This led, in fact, to my beloved actually inserting her finger into my rectum to tickle my prostate from time-to-time. Lately, my wife has been inserting a Peridise for me, prior to my giving her a head-to-toe massage. Even when she's not a part of my later night Aneros sessions, she will usually ask if I slipped one in and how things went. Aneros has definitely become a part of our intimate times together! :D
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    My wife was there when I bought my first Aneros, a Helix. She isn't into anal play and views the Aneros as a plus -- I get the pleasure and she keeps her hands clean. We routinely use it during foreplay and I let her know when, "I goose myself."