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The feeling right before orgasm is like this for me
  • I'm still inside 24 hours of owning it, but already had probably 20+ orgasms and 4 super-O's where I completely blow my load while I'm half flaccid.

    Right before orgasm with the Aneros, the sequence of events goes like this:

    1) I feel a 2-3 second moment of clarity where nothing feels "good", but it's almost like I'm numb and my vision is sharper.

    2) A light pleasure that lasts about 3 to 10 seconds that feels good... I know what's coming next.

    3) The massive wave builds and I can feel it in the head of my penis and the shaft. It's amazing and can last only 10 seconds or sometimes 60 seconds. If it's a super-O then it can last 60 seconds easily.

    The funny thing is, as soon as I have that step 1 "moment of clarity" I know an orgasm is coming.

    When you cum normally, you can feel right before you're going to blow your load... I guess these are just the signals for when you're going to O from the Aneros :)
  • WOW! I dunno, I've never gotten that far! Glad you have been successful! :D