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Journey continues
  • After i had good progression with the eupho i went back to the helix yesterday and what a session that was.
    No dry O' or super O' yet but a great 3 hour session,maybe things progress faster because i have regular sessions as someone sugested,4-5 a week.
    Even if i'm not up for a session i have one and they to become most pleasurable also.
    No body shaking but around the anus,perinium,prostate and penis area i had an amazing feeling,like an electrical tinteling feeling that went up for a while and down again,my dick went hard then flacid again many times.
    I do feel later in a session muscle tension in my legs but mostly for now my feelings been centered in the area i discribed.
    This was my longest session yet because it felt so good that these feelings came back again and again i didn't want to take it out.
    So for those beginners that are a bit frustrated,hang in there it's worth it.
    For me it's like every session is getting beter,like my body is picking up the signals of my pleasure and gives me more on the next one.
    Right now i can not imagine that it will get stronger,what it would be like to have those waves of pleasure because it feels so good what i'm feeling right now.
    Well on with my journey and sessions without expectations and frustrations,just relaxing and feeling what comes.
  • super Vailant I am very happy for you that its going well and I am also a session with my mini peridise fantastic feeling and I am beginning my qua :D :D
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Nice valiant! :D

    I agree that regular practice is important to learning and progressing at a decent pace. I haven't been able to have much longer than 1 and 1/2 hour sessions for quite some time now. I don't know how I did the 4 and 5 hour sessions when I seriously got into to using the Helix.