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I thought it was BS. Just had a dozen small orgasms and ...
  • I seen the videos on XTube and read what people said, but come on. There's no way that this can feel that good just by putting something up there and squeezing it with your ass once in a while.

    So I got it out of the package, and my wife said, "Is that it?", I said "yeah, supposedly you can have an orgasm just by having this in you". She said, "really..." in a tone of disbelief.

    So I'm laying there on my back, I put it in really easy even though I never had anal sex... I was too excited to care about taking my time.

    I squeeze once in a while and I kind of feel it... After about 20 minutes, I flip over on my stomach laying on the bed and keep squeezing...

    Suddenly I am shaking and finding it very hard to breathe! Wow, I am thinking, holy crap, this isn't fake, this is real.

    Over the course of the next hour, I had a dozen small orgasms where it would build and feel really good but it would release at some point and I almost had the urge to push.

    So I sat down in my computer chair, turned on some porn, and I kept my PC muscles tight and every 20 seconds or so I would briefly release and re-tighten.

    Then I had a big one... I don't know if it counts as a hands free orgasm, I was grabbing the base of my cock and shaking violently uncontrollably.

    All the sudden I look down which was hard to do because my eyes were rolled back and my eye lids shut and what do I see?... I stream a pre-cum oozing out then suddenly a huge pool of pre-cum flows out followed by a flowing stream of cum. It didn't shoot out like when I have a normal orgasm... It just flowed out smoothly and fairly slowly.

    I didn't think you could have a "normal" orgasm from using the Aneros!!! Maybe my hand around the base of my cock did something too, but it really felt like the build up from my prostate caused my dick to suddenly build up and explode.

    All I can say is that it's truly amazing, if you don't believe it works... all I can say is it does for me, from the very first insertion.