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great chats makes great warm up!!
  • well right before i started chatting on sunday i was getting a little excited. i had been on the the pass few days but was really looking forward for sundays chat since i was off work. after chatting and talking about which aneros i had and how everyone was saying thats the big one (progasm) and i felt like a progasm slut, i started getting really excited!! i said my goodbyes told everyone why i was leaving and ran to my room. my pelvic area and hands were already trembling from all the talk about the aneros. i was only wearing shorts so i was naked before i got to my room. i lubed up my progasm and slowly rubbed it against my sphincter taking slow breaths, once it slowly slid in i layed down and started my contractions and breathing. 30 min into it my legs were quivering and i started getting real shakey. my first super o hit and i relaxed and took it all in, after about 10 min i started my contractions again and got my sec one. my last and 3rd big o got me off gaurd. i shoered and layed down for a few and got back to chatting. i was able to private chat and keep my little super o"s and involuntary contractions going. it was incredible!! well i hope we get a 24-7 chat going on here i never know when i can be in the mood. :D