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Hinting toward the HELIX...Any Suggestions for a first timer
  • Hello Gang,

    I have been reading alot about the Aneros products, due to the fact that one of my friends was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and is going in for the surgery in the morning. I am thinking about purchasing a Helix in the next few weeks. Any information from Helix users for a first time Aneros user will be greatly appreciated.

  • Well it's hard to give advice on what to buy because everybody respond different.
    For me things really took of with the eupho,i'm progressing faster now but i still use all of them.
  • Hi Brian -- welcome from one of the nubes

    My first experience was with the Helix and I think it's an excellent 'first tool' that you'll use for a long time. I started with the Aneros Helix having no significant anal-play experience.

    Helix has enough mass (weight) and surface area (drag) to bulk muscle as you gain anal and PC strength. But, it's still agile enough for you to maneuver onto different aspects of your prostate. It isn't so large or heavy that it 'drags you down' early on.

    For me the Helix responds well to gravity (possibly due to the added weight in the head) and provides distinctly different sensations when I'm on my belly, back or side -- making it a great learning/teaching tool.

    Like Valiant I also have a Eupno. I'm concentrating on Eupho for 'journey' sessions. It has less weight in the head and, in my bod, doesn't respond to gravity like the Helix. I cherish the great vibes and versatility of the Helix for my anal-pleasure sessions.

    Welcome :!: :!: & enjoy :P :D