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The "Results Searching" Club - Aneros disappointme
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434

    I was wondering if there were people out there that have been disappointed with the Aneros after many sessions? I am not even talking about not having a Super O. I mean:

    No Super T,
    No P wave,
    No pleasure,
    No feeling of prostate contact,
    No urge to pee/bladder sensations

    Are there people out there like this, after many sessions, or am I alone in my searching for results? The only thing keeping me motivated is hope and the testimonials. I've read the wiki, etc, but I just dunno what else can be done. I've tried Aneros with: contractions, porn, masturbation, sex...I don't even SUPER-T. In fact, the ejaculative orgasms with the Aneros are underwhelming and a waste of time. Anerosless ejac-orgasms in sex are way more pleasureful and satisfactory.

    If anyone is or has been in this situation, can they provide details tips?
  • Are you able to relax during an aneros session?
    From what I have read from your posts you seem to have a very anxious personality.

    I have had pleasure with the aneros once, I would like to get back there someday.
  • Which kind are you?

    I see the group in five sub-groups:
    1. -- Some guys (usually young and not too wired into a particular routine) who instantly 'wire' into prostate-stim as an orgasmic trigger. Sensations overwhelm them and they fall into a Super-O. They cultivate the Super-O and cherish it. :D I envy every one of these guys but, I try to follow AW's advice and don't regret that I'm not one of them -- for I would loose what I do have.
    2. -- Guys with little "brain noise." These guys accept and follow the Wiki procedures and listen carefully to their bodies for weeks or several months, go through most of the milestones and join the club. (Most of these guys seem to have 'hang-loose' personalities and are not engineers or project managers by trade.) I admire their body focus and ability to sense even 'cellular change.'
    3. -- Students of Tao/Dao, who undertake the MMO path as a mental discipline and gather many spiritual, life and philosophical values to enhance their overall being -- the MMO and Super-O are small parts of a greater being for these guys. These guys let their philosophy merge with and control their reason. They are emotionally calm!! I admire their sense of religion, spirit and integration of mind, soul and body. I have to read what they write, two/three times and then don't always get it. I may not have expressed this well since I don't understand it too well. I would not get in the ring with one of these guys. Would I undertake their journey --- perhaps.
    4. -- The 'grinders' like me who treat this as a fun-loving and procedural journey. We are milestone oriented. We rely on various professional mentors (Alana, Kelly Howell, Jack Johnston, etc.) We tend to live for the moment but have our eyes and ears slightly open. Many of us have many years of experience in a monogamous relationship (either gay or straight) and we are heavily wired into that orgasmic path. Occasional whining is OK with these guys.
    5. -- Guys who decide this is too tough and throw in the sponge.

    If you can't get relaxed and orgasmic in the first 5 or 6 sessions, you can consider yourself out of sub-group #1. Biggest mistake, "trying too hard."

    Sub-group #5 is an easy pass. Which way did you come in?

    I'd suggest trying sub-group #2 for six months. Beyond that, it's either sub-group #3 or #4. :D

    Spend some time reading the Blogs of:
    SlipperyWhenWet (success story)
    J4 (gold star for long-time history)
    Starr (Group #2 success story)
  • MT
    I've tried all the things. Breathing, porn, relaxation, all the stuff this forum has talked about.
  • I'm mostly with you. I've gotten to the point where I can get twitchy "involuntaries" but I can't tell if I mean the same thing when I say that as the wiki does. VERY rarely I'll have a very pleasurable five seconds or so, then it passes. I've learned a bit (can distinguish better between PC contractions and anal contractions, etc) but I can't say it's been an ecstatic journey. Only 4 months or so, so as far as I can tell it's early days still.

    Anyway, you're not alone in thinking "man, what's everyone else on about?" I'm just sticking with it because the payoff is evidently quite something.