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Brand X question
  • This was really "Brand X" no package, no label, no engraving marks etc.

    The kid's mother deserted me this afternoon, favoring a meeting of the Church's audit committee instead (a lesson in how much I'm loved.) So I made a quick run to the local toy store to pick up an MGX that they'd saved for me. Got the MGX. Glanced at the table of 'markdowns.' These are bulk closeout items for $1, $2, or $3.

    In a 'what the hell' moment I picked up what resembled a Nexus Titus for $3. (There must have been two dozen of these ugly boys in the bin.) As usual, I had an attack of CAN'T WAIT. Brought it home, scrubbed the heck out of it, soaked it in bleach, then peroxide and decided to give a try for some quick "3R" work in place of my usual Helix. Total session time: 25 minutes, prep to finish.

    This tool came with no instructions but it looked like the large knob should face my belly button and the ball tab should position like the p-tab on an Aneros.

    Prepped for the session lubed up and inserted it. Slid out. Tried again. Slid out. Tried again. Slid out. When held in it felt like it was, 'pressing in all the wrong places.' Just for chuckles, I wondered if I might be doing this backwards and maybe the ball-tab was intended as a k-stim point. Inserted it, "backwards" Stayed in. Neither the ball-tab or the "handle" (now aiming at my sac) was in contact with anything. The knob was obviously bearing against the posterior wall of the anal canal and that was forcing the curved ribbed surface into contact with the anterior canal wall. Not bad but not great. There was some degree of "general" prostate pressure. It was moderately mobile. No cigar though!

    No instant reward from Brand-X so I switched to the MGX -- hmmm.. I think I'm gonna like the MGX !

    Thoughts about "Brand-X": – a counterfeit tool? -- screwed up design? -- nb09 isn't physically suited to this design? -- don't go there! -- nb09 should know better! -- you get what you pay for !

  • Sounds like a waste of $3.00 :wink:
  • At least you aren't out a hefty chunk of change.

    That's also why I avoid the bargain DVD bins. Once in a great while you can find a gem, but it's mostly crap.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    You are brave to buy an anal toy second hand.