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Heart rate during aneros use- unexpected results
  • oscaroscar
    Posts: 10
    I measured my heart rate during an Aneros session using a Polar heart rate meter; the type with the chest strap.

    I am a straight man, mid 40s, fairly good fitness with a resting pulse of 55-60 beats per minute (bpm)

    Session Time 1 hour.
    Supine using Eupho with coconut oil lube.
    Time since previous Aneros use 3 days
    Time since last ejaculation 5 days

    Maximum pulse rate during a 1 hour aneros session 120 bpm
    Minimum 39 bpm.
    Most common 45-50 bpm

    Pattern something like this:
    55 55 55 55 55 60 65 8090 110 110 48 45 40 45 46 48 48 48 48 48 48 50 50 55........
    Prostate Stroking Anal Contraction Resolution Sometimes pleasurable genital sensations

    I have been using Aneros for 18 months. My usual experience is a series of very intense contractions with vocalization. These are very intense in force but agreeable rather than deeply pleasurable. My greatest pleasure has been experienced on about a dozen sessions, and has been of a sweet tingling in my genitals rather than an crying-out orgasm.

    The results I obtained were unexpected.
    I expected my heart rate to be much higher than resting owing to excitement during the session, but as you can see from the results above it wasn't!

    The peak pulse rate was reached immediately after the contaction, with a precipitous fall to sub resting levels after a few seconds, which were maintained for about 1 minute before reaching normal resting rate.

    Following some intense contactions on just a few occasions of Aneros use in the past year, I have experience a 'miucro-sleep'- a bit like being tired when driving a car and thinking 'I don't have any recollection of the last 300 yards- pull over a coffee asap!'

    I have found these experiences worrying (of course with Aneros a micro-sleep will not result in my hitting the back of a truck!)

    The 'microsleep' could occur when my pulse rate falls after a forceful contraction.

    I hope this of interest to readers and would be interested if anyone else has studied this.
  • Very interesting Oscar! I have not studied this myself. Thanks for sharing!
  • I have never done any actual measuring but I feel like my blood pressure rises sometimes during a hard orgasm. It might be interesting to measure both heart rate and blood pressure during a session but I don't have the measuring instruments that would be required.
  • Hi You mean the Aneros and good for the heart as meditation?