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breaking my on records
  • well after my first post i guess talking about it put me in the mood. i start out relaxing and doing breathing exercises after putting my progasm to work. once i am totally relaxed i start my anal contractions, i do a 100 at a time and catch my breath. after about 300 i start having my orgasms. once i have one all the others follow right behind. i keep them coming by doing my anal contractions, once i get to 50 or 60 i have my super o's. i can have anywhere from 3 to 6 super o's within an hour. i always start on my back and in the tub, this way i have my legs propped up on the edge or wall of the tub. whenever i have an orgasm i am able to push my legs against the wall. this has also worked great on the bed with my legs with propped up against the wall. when i am ready to finish up i roll on my stomach and grind into the bed untill i cum. this is an amazing product and i think i am ready to get the maximus or helix next just to try them out. i have had anal play most of my adult life and enjoy it very much, but there have been times when some toys leave me sore or just don't do anything for me. i can honestly say the aneros progasm works great for me. it did take me about 6 months to really enjoy it, but thats where patience and reading some of these posts helped me. good luck and don't give up.