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retrograde ejaculation
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    anybody have surgery or take medication that causes retrograde ejaculation?

    what does it feel like? in your case, is it completely retrograde or partial?

  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    It feels the same as a normal ejaculation except nothing comes out and you still get the refractory period after wards. Rather underwhelming.
  • rrunrrun
    Posts: 6
    I have due to a prostate proceedure, the most missed feeling I haven't got now is the fireball feel that you get when you cum. The feeling that its rising up through your dick and that is missing. You still get the orgasm feel. 8)
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I have had three. I have been on a number of prostate medications due to BPH. I complained to my urologist, because I did not like the feeling at all. All three were while having sex with my wife. The first two times, it was just not very intense, despite some passionate hot sex leading up to it. I wasn't even sure what happened, but noticed when removing the condom (I always wear one with my wife due to birth control issues) there didn't seem to be much semen in it. One time, it positvely felt bad, with some pain, and a feeling in my bladder like there was something there that didnt belong for twenty four hours (although no change in the appearance of my urine.) I cut back on the Flomax, and I think that has stopped it for now, although my doc would like me to up the dosage. I also stopped Pro-scar, and I';m not sure if that had any effect.
  • darwin said:

    anybody have surgery or take medication that causes retrograde ejaculation?

    what does it feel like? in your case, is it completely retrograde or partial?


    I am 64 and had RF Therapy a few months ago for an enlarged prostate. Since then I do not ejaculate any sperm, just some clear pre-cum from the cowpers gland.

    One of the potential side effects (in less of 1% of the test subjects) is 'retrograde ejaculation'. I found some extensive information on it at

    "Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of emerging through the penis during orgasm. Although you still reach sexual climax, you may ejaculate very little or no semen. This is called a dry orgasm. Retrograde ejaculation isn't harmful, but it can cause male infertility."

    There are several pages of reading there and the only 'problem' I can find is the male infertility which would be a concern for younger folks (or old fools) who are trying to induce pregnancy in a female. I was relieved to find that there are no other negative side effects so I quit worrying about it and just concentrate on learning more about myself through Aneros and MMO.

    I still have the ejaculatory sensation but nothing comes out. I also do not seem to have the refractory period I had before which is actually a very positive benefit.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    darwin said:

    anybody have surgery or take medication that causes retrograde ejaculation?

    what does it feel like? in your case, is it completely retrograde or partial?


    1. Yes. Med was Flowmax and the result was COMPLETE retrograde. I've also experienced reduced semen quantity on a daily 5mg. dose of Hytrin.

    2. Nominal ejaculatory contractions and orgasm but no sensation of the wad of ejaculate traversing the urethra. Surprise: my spouse noticed it immediately. She had become very sensitive to that part of my climax...something she'd never mentioned until retrograde happened.

    I think though that it's inappropriate to generalize how one med may affect another individual. Early on, bph affected the lateral lobes of the prostate and my bladder neck seemed more sensitive to alfa blocker medication than some other guys report.

    Over the last 16 years I've tried Flowmax, Hytrin, Cardura, Saw Palmetto and Saw + Pumpkin Seed extract.

    Good news is that a couple of vigorous Aneros sessions a week improve the effective timespan I get from Hytrin (from a very definite 18hrs to a 'softer landing' somewhere beyond 24 hours). That means less impact on blood pressure from a single milligram of Hytrin each morning and more flexibility in when I can employ Viagra or Levitra. Staying with a low dose of Hytrin avoids retrograde and reduces the side effects from time-release Niacin.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Men! :D

    Rook you have been through the wringer with your prostate! I take saw palmetto + pumpkinseed oil plus some additional organics for prostate health. And when I do my BPH therapy sessions, if I use my progasm ICE, I get milked and ejaculate like a young man!

    Retrograde ejaculation can also be a learned technique for semen retention. I achieved this in 1990 using Mantak Chia's techniques. However, like the neutral to negative feelings about the induced version you talk about here, I was never really happy doing it. There is also a potential difference in backing the fluids up the seminal plumbing, rather than shooting up into the bladder. I have done both, and similarly did not care for the bladder route.

    The whole idea is retaining and reabsorbing the great energy investment in growing and nurturing sperm cells in the hundreds of millions as the days and weeks fly by! Now that science says that more frequent masturbation and ejaculation is a good prophylactic for prostate cancer, what's a guy to think and do? Of course, prostate massage has also been found to significantly reduce your chances of prostate cancer, and lower your PSA results.

    somewhere in there is an ideal balance and practice for each individual in each age group as we also find the doorways to ecstasies of every description all