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yes it works, and then some!!
  • well i got into anal play about 20 yrs ago and enjoyed it very much. i am straight and married but i enjoy my private time. which is the most important part of achieving the ulttimate orgasm for me anyways. i purchased the progasm at a local toyshop after reading about it here on the website. i had my doubts since i always needed to use my hands in some form to have some good anal play. well i read the instructions and would get several prostate orgasms, you know that never ending flow of fluid, which was great but not exactly what i bought it for. well several months went by and i decided to add a few more of my own instructions. i do everything the same except instead of doing 20 or 30 anal contractions i do about 300. i keep them very controlled and i do my breathing , after about every 100 i stop and catch my breath, when i got to my 350th contraction it happened. my lower back was shaking my hips were thrusting and i was having that well talked about super o. total i did over 600 contractions. during this session i was about 40 minutes into it. i have had sessions lasting up to three hours without ever having the the big one. i think though if you add a few hundred anal contractions it will definetly help. i had 3 super o's yesterday and 2 the previous session so i am getting the hang of it. i also noticed that i have a better session when i wait for my body to actually crave it, not just when i have a chance but when everything seems to be in perfect balance and not rushed. good luck and remember patience, and make sure u have plenty of time for yourself cause it will happen. oh' and turn the damn cell phone off!!