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Are the penis bulb and perineum one and the same?
  • Are the penis bulb and perineum one and the same? I've seen diagrams that show the penis bulb and then the perineum. Now I'm confused. I'm assuming the official perineum is less than a centimeter between the bulb and anus. Some say the perineum is located between the anus and the testicles and that would mean the perineum begins right where the bottom of the scrotum joins the body. You can also feel the penis beneath/behind the scrotum. So is the penis bulb part of the perineum? I've noticed some penis bulbs/perineums bulge out more than others especially during erections. Mine doesn't bulge out that much. That part of me hasn't changed a whole lot since puberty and remains more flat. Do you think I have a growth problem? Am I normal? What causes come guys' perineums/penis bulbs to bulge out more than others? Would someone with a larger/bulging/bulkier perineum/penis bulb get more pleasure out of the Aneros since it would align better with the P-tab and therefore possibly being inbedded deeper into it? Most guys I've seen though have a slight bulge to that area even during a flaccid state. They don't mention the area when they explain to you in biology how the body changes during puberty but when I was a kid I noticed that when guys went through puberty their perineums/penis bulbs bulged until they were more visible after their penises grew and they got pubic hair.

    Check out the diagram on this page:
  • This shows a diagram of the bulbus penis:

    This one shows a diagram but does not mention the perineum:
  • Someone says on the last post of this page that the bulb swells the perineum when the penis is erect. So are they one and the same then? penis
  • Hi guys,

    I have found two excellent Wikipedia articles which may help us understand the distinction between the Bulb of the Penis and the Perineum. Both articles also have several helpful anatomical illustrations.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    From all the diagrams it looks like the perineum is an area that is made up of a number of muscles. So the BC muscle and the PC muscle and the sphincter muscles all part of the perineum .
    To be able isolate the muscles, and there are lots of them, and develop them would give us a better control of our all our bits. It would also strengthen our control. But I think it would be important to have all the perineum muscles balanced to they can all work together.
  • Well, you learn something everyday! :D Here are a couple articles on the BC and PC muscles:

    These two articles are worthy of study :) 

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Good references.  Interesting how much variation there is in the location of male muscles - while there is almost total agreement about the female muscles! Obviously the research/investigation has been done by heterosexual  males (haha).
    My reference diagrams show a more pronounced bulb at the inner end of the BC and the BC more pronounced under the PC (perhaps the dissector tickled the cadaver). 
    This does not matter, what is important is that we males take more interest in how we function and what works for us and what increases our pleasure and our sense of wholeness.

    Thank you
  • @isvara, you are certainly welcome. The genius of Wikipedia is that important words and concepts are hyperlinked. This is very helpful for the study of both male and female genital anatomy.

    Also quite recently, I have discovered that not only does the P-tab stimulate the perineum but also the bulb of a guy's penis. I find this both exciting and erotic!