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Curious: pre-session Aneros cleaning process: not in sex?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    I don't know why I am curious other than for my own OCD-hygiene reasons, but this question popped into my mind and I thought this might be a good place to pose it:

    The pre-Aneros session cleaning process that we (I hope, all) go through, be it:

    - showering (which I don't think gets rid of faecal matter),

    - wiping as far in as you can without damage, and around the anus with wet cotton wool (my method. You'll be surprised how much toilet paper misses!), or

    - enema (probably the most hygenic for cleaning internally, I live at home with mum and can't be caught with those dropper/injection tools)

    ensures we feel clean before an Aneros session. It must be done soon before a session, otherwise the faecal matter will build back up as a result of digestion, farts, etc.

    But do gay people and others who have anal sex go through this cleaning process? I've even learned of salad-tossing, rimming?, licking ass - and I'm sure that the "lickee" or "analee" (receiver) isn't as OCD and cleaned themselves as much as me.

    How do people bring themselves to do this? I can barely stand the thought of touching or being near MY OWN faecal matter (poo). How do people go out, say, to clubs, and have shit building up and a dirty ass and just engaged in anal activities. Is there some demand that is made by the "giver", like: Go wash up now and come back to the bedroom?

    Or do people just "deal" with the stuff, then hold on to railings on the bus and tube, shake your hand, etc? :twisted:

    Are you aware of how much faecal matter is not only IN that area, but AROUND it? I don't even like doggying vaginally by girlfriend because the smell, and in case, my pelvis/pubes rub against her ass.

    Not to mention getting poo on your member, and...oh man...

    What are your thoughts? :shock:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello MyTurn, :)

    Funny post! :lol:

    Ok, first of all...
    Touching poop contaminated areas, such as you would lubricating your own anus and rectum with your finger will not kill you. Nor will it eat through your skin like sulfuric acid. :lol: Ok that's an extreme example. But I think you get my point. Of course you want to wash your hands before touching other public objects and such. And no I don't want to touch raw poop either. But if you want to do anal play either with yourself or another person, you have to accept a certain amount possible uncleanliness. And if you are doing it with a woman, make sure you carefully practice not touching/playing with her anus and then go to her vagina. She can get vaginal infections if you don't observe this.

    Now I'm not gay, but I have had a fair amount of anal sex with a number of my ex-girlfriends. Generally, if possible, and this applies to just having vaginal sex also, I like for the woman and I to take a shower or bath prior to any of those activities. But that's not always possible, nor does it always just "happen" that way. So unless she is really not wiped well in her hind end or has to poop, and I'd hope she'd tell me this prior. :lol: It's just something you do. It's not like you're going to have your nose right down in her butt hole while you're doing her. And sometimes, there is some fecal matter on withdrawal. It happens. I think it will be difficult for anyone to really relax and enjoy any sort of anal play if you are too uncomfortable with the "uncleanliness" of anal play. Mind you, a lot of this can be remedied with a shower/bath and rectal rinse. But that kind of planning doesn't always happen with spontaneous sex with your partner. But if you are always convinced that any anal play is dirty and nasty(in the not good way :lol: ) , you night not ever feel relaxed enough to truly enjoy it. Whether it be on yourself with Aneros prostate massager's, or with your girlfriend.

    Those are my thoughts. :D

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Hi My Turn -- looks like three issues here,

    Love_is has covered the relationship bases quite nicely and far better than could I. I'll attempt to deal with the other gnarly side of the post.

    About the OCD part -- Many books and web sites suggest using surgical gloves for anal play and prostate massage. Most of this is to avoid a painful snag from a ragged cuticle or fingernail. However, gloves also help the more fastidious folk in the population and are wise if you have an open cut or abrasion on a hand or finger.

    Go buy some disposable gloves and use them. Perhaps in couple of years you might shed one, or both. Whether you're gloved or not, soap, water and a fingernail brush is a good idea. Side benefit... Patriotism...the U.S. Surgeon General encourages hand washing to reduce the hazard of Swine Flu. The good news: We Aneros users might already have the lowest early incidence of Swine Flu. :)

    The bad news, even assuming no anal play: The human anal sphincter is supposedly the most intelligent and talented thing that God created. It has to ride herd on a mixture of gas, fluid and solids and only allow the gas to escape as we sleep. :D However, few of us are perfect and while sleeping we contaminate our PJs, skivs and bed linens with a fine mist of poop every time we fart and, we seem to survive in spite of this.

    As the bumper sticker says, "Shit happens" ... both figuratively and literally.

    Consider the more serious issue of fingernails. After a day's work, the pathogens that they harbor are more fierce than the flora in our intestines. And if your g/f has long nails those hold worse stuff than grows in your gut.

    I understand that OCD is a real issue and you are getting help. Good idea to include an airing of your poop concerns with your therapist.
    ......... //OCD rant somplete//

    Adult Assertiveness 101 -- OK My Turn, you're an adult and you're sharing living quarters with another adult. Go to the pharmacy and buy an enema bag or fountain syringe (the later dries out quicker to minimize the growth of mold). Choose a large bag... not because you are going to take large volume enemas but to assert some real estate for yourself -- and a large bag is easier to clean. Buy a bottle of Peroxide to occasionally sanitize the bag and hose. Hang the gear in the bathroom. Use it -- this isn't a hygenic matter. You don't want to 'sterilize' the inside of your rectum. Being rinsed out allows lube to work better and clears out small fecal left overs like popcorn kernels. After your sessions clean your enema gear and hang it up to dry. When it's mostly dry, hang it in a closet to dry completely. Tell Mum that you keep it clean and it's OK for her to hang your gear in a closet when you aren't home and she's having the neighborhood ladies over for tea. (This includes her in your 'ugly secret.' Fear not, Mum's not going to gossip on you.)

    Modern hygiene and medicine involves all sorts of accessories that hang in our shower stalls. My current inventory: shared bath brush, shared fingernail brush, my ear wax removal syringe, wife's sinus irrigator, her razor, a pumice stone, scalp massager, wash cloths, a loofah mit, squeegee and brush for cleaning the shower, my enema syringe, a penis pump and an SGX. Keep in mind that the enema gear and SGX are much cleaner than either the scum laden bath brush or the pumice stone.

    The gal that arrives weekly to clean house was avoiding the corner of the shower where the fountain syringe and penis pump hang. To avoid my having to do her work, I remove those items before she arrives and replace them when they're next used. I take personal satisfaction in keeping those items cleaner than she would imagine that I do.

    Should Mum have a problem with enema gear hanging to dry, remember that it's Mum's issue and you have no need to include it in your own list of issues or baggage. Deference to Mum's sensibilities and 'standards' is moving the gear to your closet once most of the clean water has dripped off.

    While Mum is older, was here first and deserves parental respect, this is your life. Your choices are not unhealthy nor are they antisocial or injurious to anyone else. If you have to take more than a deep breath to pull this off, it's time to expand your therapy work. Ask for some expert help with workable assertiveness tools and coping strategies.
    ......... //Assertiveness rant complete//

    Best wishes and Hope this works for you.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    newbie2009 congratulations !!!!

    I absolutely love your dissertation "Adult Assertiveness 101" I just wish that somebody gave me advice like that when I was young - My last 35 or so years would have been that much easier.