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Loss of erection and arousal
  • Hi,
    I have had prostate problems for about one year. It started with occassional erection loss and urgency to pee. I tried to search on the internet for some methods of treatement and I found this site. After a couple of months I finally decided to buy one model of your prostate massager for me. I went to an erotic shop and purchased Aneros MGX. When I got home with my new device in my bag I immediately had a warm shower, unpacked the device and lubed it with KY lubricant and slowly inserted into my anus. I begin the session with deep breathing and slow contractions but without any succesion. I gave it up after one hour of massaging and gave Aneros back to the package. Since then I have had about fifteen sessions lasting from one to three hours and the result – nothing. A two weeks ago I wake up in the morning with rock hard erection and exciting feeling of arousement. I started to masturbate and felt one of the best orgasms in my life. Now it has been fourteen days and I do not feel aroused, my cock is without erection even in the mornings and when I insert the Aneros I feel absolutely nothing as if I pernamently lost my nerves connected with prostate  Is it normal or should I see the doctor? Except for my erection I do not have any health issues, my prostate problems are gone and I pee normally every day.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    The first rule of Aneros is expect nothing! In other words, if you go into a session expecting a particular result or 'trying' to achieve an orgasm the session will probably not be very good.

    I have to remind myself of that regularly because I sometimes subconsciously start 'trying'.

    For me, it is about relaxing and seeing if I can become aware of what my body is feeling as opposed to masturbation where I am trying to tell my body what it 'should' feel or do.

    One thing that helps me is to just relax and do nothing for 5 to 15 minutes after insertion. After that I try some very gentle stimulation. I liken it to trying to make my prostate feel like it is being tickled by a feather, just the very slightest touch.

    Don't give up. Stick with this forum and try going into a session assuming that you are NOT going to feel anything and don't 'try' at all. Just be a passenger, and don't try to 'drive'.

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your journey!
  • It has been one week since I felt numbness in my groin but the problems are still occuring. It is very hard to keep my cock hard and I can not feel aroused. What has happened? I wish I had the same feelings like two weeks ago when I felt aroused every night and morning and my penis was rock hard whenever I touched it :( I am not using Aneros now and hope that everything will be fine....
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    If in doubt it is always good to check with a doctor.

    One thing I have done a couple of times is put too much pressure in my perineum with the tab and that would result in some soreness and even some numbness it that area. However, after I stop using the Aneros for a day or 2 everything is back to normal.

    Stress can also kill all sexual instinct. If you had a stressful situation in your life about the time the problems started that could be the problem. Major changes in our lives are always stressful even when we are not aware of. A new job, moving to a different home or a different city, problems with our wife or girlfriend, and so forth.

    If it doesn't get better in the next few days I would definitely see a doctor, there could be something else going on that needs to be taken care of.
  • Would be nice to hear some followup from the original poster on the matters he has brought forth. Certainly hope he is okay from it all.