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Are nipples are attached to the vagus nerve ?
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Hey J4 -- here's the $ 1.67 summary:

    General Findings:
    It’s tempting to build a case for a vagus presence in the breast, based on sensory experience and the influence of both Prolactin and Oxytocin on breast tissue and milk production. (1) Further general discussions of the vagus indicate connections to all internal organs save for the adrenals. (7) But, when tracing out each of those trunks, there’s no mention of breasts, lacrimal tissue etc.
    The seminal work (1840) on this topic appears to be reference (4) which makes for some fascinating reading regarding the connection of the nipple to the uterus. (Gawd, “the ancients knew” and I didn’t find out until a sunny afternoon in the park in 1951 when my g/f clued me in – had I studied more instead of playing ball, I could have had two more years of good times !) Cooper however attributes this relationship to the ‘grand sympathetic nerve’ implying that it’s all CNS and any “connection” must be in a low level of the brain stem.. (I’d hazard a synaptic loop somewhere below the mid-brain, if such loops can exist/form – I didn’t trace out the actual nerve paths for such a loop.). Here’s the detailed quote from Cooper:
    “.The fourth dorsal nerve appears just below the fourth
    rib, emerging through the intercostal space from the inner
    part of the chest. It almost immediately divides into two
    nerves ; the upper branch passes to the external mammary
    artery, and descends with it to the upper part of the mamma.
    The second branch passes upon the surface of the breast and
    advances to the basis of the nipple, where it divides into
    branches which supply its papillae.” (4)

    Two other anatomical writings from medical references (2, 3) deal with preservation of sensation during breast augmentation surgery and the more radical surgery for breast cancer. Neither indicates the presence of a vagus nerve connection and only addresses nerves originating in the spine.

    Butt, testing is fun and maybe we need some empirical data : Anyone know something about how the nipple-to- g-spot connection functions before and after breast augmentation – OK guys, we need a large sample size (not cup size) here. Old, wired, monogamous types need not contribute! (Just remember, anything more than a handful is a waste!) :)

    That said, reference (5) reports some electronic microscopy in sheep that has some unidentified nerve fibers in lacrimal tissue. Tempting to wonder if perhaps the major anatomical dissections may have missed something that was very tiny or tightly attached to a very small artery. OTOH, the more conventional explanation is more like what we see in the cavernosa of the penis. The endings of nerves in the pudendal bundle generate the nitric oxide that overcomes pde5 and kick starts the erectal process. To the best of my knowledge, that’s all CNS.

    Some possible thoughts that, “rain on the vagus parade:”
    The prolactin – prostate connection (6) :
    Possible path: nip->brain stem->pituitary-prolactin->prostate

    Best avenues for further research appear related to:
    Breast Cancer,
    Breast Augmentation (particularly with regard to preservation of sensation)
    Of note, oxytocin in involved in this vagal stimulation (they used a oxytocin antagonist to determine this effect.)
    Comment: (from prior, non-scholarly reading) Males produce a pulse of oxytocin from the testes or scrotal sac upon ejaculaton. That may may be aimed at vagal nerve stimulation or its action might be confined to nerves in the pudendal bundle.

    So J4, you got it, your basic $ 1.67 draft research summary. Recommendation: Don’t hold your breath but I’ll keep my eyes open and should a wart, nipple or hair follicle erect I’ll clue you in.

    Meanwhile, another thought. For years, nip-stim has been early in my foreplay repertoire and it has seemed like a sure fire way to light up the female genitals and brain. (small sample size: n<20). For male orgasm, the consensus here is to put nip-stim on the back burner until needed as final trigger. WHY THE DIFFERENCE? (Or have I had the female part of this all wrong!) (aka, the stupid, lone-wolf, str8 syndrome).<br />
    (1) The integrative neurobiology of affiliation. By Carol Sue Carter, I. Izja Lederhendler, Brian Kirkpatrick
    (2) Ramachandran K. Breast augmentation. Indian J Plast Surg 2008;41:41-7
    (3) Discussion of Breast Anatomy within a context of Breast Cancer. <>
    (4) On the anatomy of the breast, by Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1840
    (5) Nerve-Myoepihelium and Nerve-Glandular Epithelium Contacts in the Lacrimal gland of the Sheep; Akio Yamauchi, Geoffrey burnstock, Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Sept 1, 1967.
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    Nice dissertation! My research also turned up no leads either - which even makes it more interesting that orgasmic sensations emanate through additional nerves other than vagus, pudendal, perineal and anal. I guess they all just funnel into the correct part of the brain!

    Thanks for the $1.67 – though I think your under estimating your hourly rate.

  • Newbie2009 & J4,

    Not really sure is this is relevant or not, but here goes anyway…

    Over the past couple of months I’ve really gotten into electro-stimming my nipples. Now I’m well aware of the purported dangers involved and have taken the usual precautions. (Current flow through nipple only, NOT from nipple to nipple. Left and right channels of stim power unit are completely isolated from each other, etc, etc). I won’t go into any more detail about my stim setup as it’s not really germane to this discussion.

    Ok, on to a few things I’ve noticed about nipple electro-stim:

    1. In addition to producing very pleasurable sensations in my nipples it creates very pleasurable sensations in the area of my prostate / base of penis… quite similar to the feelings produced by my eupho.
    2. During my nipple stim sessions (30 ~ 45-minutes in length) partial erections come and go, similar to what happens with my eupho.
    3. As with an Aneros session, quite a bit of precum is produced.
    4. Immediately following my nipple stim sessions something most unusual happens, something I haven’t really noticed after an Aneros session… upon urination my stream is unusually strong… like 40-some years have been lopped off my life. (I’m going on 67).

    Now my understanding is that nipple stimulation causes the body to produce oxytocin, and oxytocin is known to cause the contracture of smooth muscle.

    So, does contraction of smooth muscle in the prostate take pressure off of the urethra which in turn results in the strong stream? Or does contraction of smooth muscle in the kidney(s) cause an increase in stream pressure? (Based on what I feel I would pick the first scenario). Or maybe I’m just way off base here and oxytocin has nothing to do with this.

    Anyway, something for you guys to ponder….

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    I'd hazard urethra as you surmise and the bladder neck. I've always had easier urination following ejaculation and that's holding true for an extended sesion with Dame Aneros. Either yields an Oxytocin release which tightens the bladder neck to close it off prior to ejac. (The bladder neck is dumb as to whether we are going to throw a wet or dry orgasm.)

    Oxytocin doesn't last long and following the stress of contraction, the tired bladder neck probably goes into 'super relaxed' mode and that makes for an easier pee.

    Make sense? ......... nb09
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    thank you to all for his valuable information but my question is is that oxytocin is good for the health and morale :?: :?:

  • Oxytocin doesn't last long and following the stress of contraction, the tired bladder neck probably goes into 'super relaxed' mode and that makes for an easier pee.

    Make sense? ......... nb09

    I'm somewhat of a dunce when it comes to the human anatomy, but that, to me, makes as much sense as anything else.


    PS: Actually, I'm somewhat of a dunce at lots of other stuff too.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268

    ...Actually, I'm somewhat of a dunce at lots of other stuff too...

    Say it isn't so SWW. :cry: You've been my performance ideal in the "over 35" set.