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What happens in the brain during an orgasm? (article)
  • J4 gave us a link on his blog to this article:

    What happens in the brain during an orgasm?

    It mentions the vagus nerve playing a role in orgasm:

    hypogastric nerve - transmits from the uterus and the cervix in women and from the prostate in men

    pelvic nerve - transmits from the vagina and cervix in women and from the rectum in both sexes

    pudendal nerve - transmits from the clitoris in women and from the scrotum and penis in men

    vagus nerve - transmits from the cervix, uterus and vagina
  • artformartform
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    Hi EB 81.

    Thanks for bringing J4's suggestion into the General Discussion here! It appears to be a worthwhile introduction to a field still the subject of much scientific investigation. Unfortunately I think, the vagus nerves are getting short shrift here, in that others identify the vagus linking to all sphincters in the gastrointestinal tract including the anus. This has led to anal massage as a cure for hiccups - who knew!? :lol: Check it out here:

    Here is another site exploring in depth the science of kundalini energies: that includes this section on the vagus:

    we are orgasmic bioenergetic explorers all

  • plantationplantation
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    merci merci merci milles fois pour le lien Artform :D :D :D :D :D
  • J4J4
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    It seems the Vagus Nerve deserves a further look so here are a few observations/questions:

    Doesn't it seem intuitive that the KSMO practice stimulates the vagus nerve through the larynx and stomach? Is their any KSMO research on why this approach is effective?

    In addition, my alert friend, SlipperyBugger, PM’ed me about something he used to observe in patients when he had a job to collect blood samples where patients used to black out and have seizures. It is called the Vagus Response or Vagus Reflex: “a strong parasympathetic outflow in the vagus nerves, causing slowing of the heart that leads to a fall in blood pressure sufficient to cause unconsciousness.” Looking into this phenomenon on Google actually led me to the interesting “physics of sex” hiccup cure article posted by artform.

    It would be fascinating to follow the orgasmic nerve pathway as the aneros simultaneously massages the vagus, perineal, pudendal and anal nerves. And seeing the brain enter into some side passage of the vagus response where the usual “once and done” orgasmic reflex gets caught up in a repeating vagus black box generator endlessly cycling through pleasure reflexes (instead of hiccups) - all the while backfeeding the entire human nervous system with intensely orgasmic sensations.

    I am also curious if any forum members would care to follow up on their use with a battery operated, charge producing, prostate stimulator that was bought and tested a while ago. What kind of rewiring is this device facilitating? Who has continued using this device for months now with what results?

    Does anyone know if the nipples are attached to the vagus nerve network?

  • newbie2009newbie2009
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    J4 said:

    Does anyone know if the nipples are attached to the vagus nerve network?


    I fumbled the ball with this for a couple of hours and produced little more of substance than what equityboy81 had already summarized. Posted the summary in a separate thread to avoid making this one 15 feet long. That post does show which furrows have been turned and maybe where to look next. -- perhaps in microsurgery.

    So J4, you got it, your basic $ 1.67 draft research summary. Recommendation: Don’t hold your breath but I’ll keep my eyes open and should a wart, nipple or hair follicle erect I’ll clue you in.

    Meanwhile, another thought on this: For years, nip-stim has been early in my foreplay routines and it has seemed like a sure fire way to light up the female genitals and brain. (small sample size: n~~10). For male orgasm, the consensus here is to put nip-stim on the back burner until needed as a final trigger. WHY THE DIFFERENCE? (Or have I had the female part of this all wrong!) (aka, the stupid, lone-wolf, str8 syndrome). :roll:
  • hello has all I raise this post-this-is that someone thinks that the Aneros stimulates the vagus nerve?? and Does anyone know if the nipples are attached to the network of the vagus nerve?
  • found on Internet already set by artform .... what do you think? Because stimulation of the vagus nerve activates the memory centers in the brain it is apparent that sex would be good for improving memory ability. Since memory is primary to our sense of meaning and to cognition in general, it is apparent that sex has the potential of improving intelligence and quality of life through improved brain function and freedom from depression. The counter argument to this is that the endorphins produced during sex would Reduce mental alertness
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807

    hello has all I raise this post-this-is that someone thinks that the Aneros stimulates the vagus nerve?? and Does anyone know if the nipples are attached to the network of the vagus nerve?

    Vagus stim via nerves in anus and rectum per J4's post.

    Vagus connection to nipples. AFAIK, no. -- --

    That post was based on tracing from nipple to brain. It might be more productive to see if there are any vagus branches that penetrate the rib-cage/thorax outward.