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Close but no cigar
  • Tried a number of times to get to the super O, usually with months separating attempts, but after yesterday I'm determined to keep trying on a regular basis until I get there. I'm okay with a bit of a journey but I'd like a little guidance on this one section.

    For the first time yesterday, I finally got to the point with a 1/2 contraction where my whole body was shaking, and I could feel something significant building then subsiding. I laid there shaking for probably 20 minutes twice yesterday and then nothing more.

    What should I be doing to get to the next level as far as contractions go?

    Also, once a super O start, do you have to manage your PC contraction or does it just happen on it's own?

  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    "For the first time yesterday...."

    ...sounds like progress. Sounds like you are doing just fine all on your own. :3