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Finally had some P-waves! But what next?
  • I had a breakthrough yesterday. I finally had some P-waves during a session with my Progasm. At least I'm pretty sure they were P-waves, because they were basically waves of pleasure radiating from my prostate area after every contraction. And they felt sooo good :). When they started happening, my heartbeat was racing and I got rock hard instantly. It was very exciting. I could feel it start to happen with my voluntary contractions, and it finally built up to the point of full blown waves, but only for about 6 or 7 contractions in a row....then they subsided as quickly as they had come. I don't quite understand it. I figured once I started having them they wouldn't stop, but it was only for about 30-40 seconds of a 90 min session. I've been able to reproduce them occasionally, but these moments seem too infrequent.

    The thing is, I haven't been able to have involuntary contractions yet; this has all been from voluntary contractions. So, once these P-waves started happening, I wasn't sure whether I should keep contracting, or stop and see if it takes over or something. My guess is that once I start to have this effect from involuntary contractions, I will much closer to that elusive super-O, but I'm not sure how to do that.

    Please tell me I am close; this is the best progress I've had in the 8 months I've started using Aneros products.
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    Only time I've really had involuntary contractions were on a sitting position. Which sucks cuz it came out of nowhere and I didn't expect them at all so I couldn't keep them going. (I too got rock hard, probably the hardest I've ever been to be honest.)

    I think it's all about mindset. At the time I wasn't really thinking about it. I was also listening to the hypnoaerosession by Rummel. Not an advertisement, but I was. Honestly her instructions should just come with the fucking toy. It's so damn integral to learning the thing that I don't see why it's not a package with it.

    It's like buying a Nintendo with no fuckin Mario game. Whatever!
  • Do those hypnaerosession CDs work that well?

    I'm hesitant about paying over $20 for any kind of music, much less something I'm not sure will work...
  • :wink:
  • rumelrumel
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    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Unfortunately, there is no way to know beforehand whether 'Alana's gentle guidance and suggestions offered in the “HypnAerosession” recording will be successful for YOU.

    Please understand this is not really a music CD, though there is music throughout the recording, the recording is directed toward getting you into a physically relaxed body state and building an aroused, erotic mental state to set the stage for your own orgasmic voyage.

    You can listen to some slightly longer samples of the recording over on the web site.
  • If I use it, do I risk becoming dependent on it? If it works for me, will I be able to have the same success without it?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I am a little unclear about what your concerns may be with regard to your question “If I use it, do I risk becoming dependent on it?” I believe the answer is NO, but let me explain a bit so you understand a little better.

    ”HypnAerosession” was intended to be like a learning tutorial. We wanted to introduce the important fundamental concepts of relaxation and arousal necessary for successful, enjoyable Aneros use. This was done utilizing principles commonly employed in self hypnosis, namely imbedding suggestions for behavior in the sub-conscious mind. Multiple listenings are normally required to firmly anchor these suggestions, but once anchored you will be able self invoke the suggestions without use of the recording. In this way, once your body/mind has learned a successful pathway, you own it, it is yours forever and you can continue to expand on that success in numerous other areas of practice.

    This recording was intended to provide you with some fundamental practice tools and techniques to empower you, not make you dependent on it. Of course, it was also intended to be enjoyably entertaining in its own right as well, as such, I hope you will want to return to listening to it on occasion to enjoy and reinforce your own learning.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    struggler said:

    If I use it, do I risk becoming dependent on it? If it works for me, will I be able to have the same success without it?

    First, please pardon the long post -- I'm going to try covering both topics here. I understand the totality of "mindset" that both AW and rumel mention but am not yet on the same page as they. It's difficult for me to establish and maintain a consistent mindset throughout an Aneros session. I understand what 'mindful' discipline is but haven't developed the skillset to employ those tools during intense erotic arousal. (maybe someday) So I tend to 'grind' through the journey in a mechanistic fashion. If that's you, read the second part of this, otherwise just peruse the part about the CD.

    About the CD:

    Yes. It's very well designed and the production is top notch. (use good ear buds, preferably with clips to hold them in place) Since Alana is an 'easy score' there's a hazard of dependency. No doubt, I've become an 'easy fuck' for Alana and am sort of settling for a comfortable life in the mini-O pasture rather than moving on into the O-zone -- the ability to 'chain' or group mini-Os. (Current box score -- over 15 mini-Os by Alana and none yet from my own session design.) YMMV and you might Super-O with Alana then, your on your way!

    If you opt for the CD, consider that the reward of Orgasm is addictive, the path to reach the reward is a temptation, subject to your own choices.

    Being sort of 'stuck' with Alana has spurred me to explore the second half of the HypnAerosession package (CD2). Using it's excellent erotic sounds and rhythms as background to my own session path(s) I get a more open-ended session. That said, I'll probably invite Alana back into my boudoir from time to time and have her put the ring in my nose. (rumel's a bit modest -- "gentle" Alana is adorned in black garter belt and spurs !) :O

    Here's what I call my 'Ba-dum' Sonar session (looking for reliable involuntaries):

    Regarding where you are -- yeah, I was there in June and can offer a 'next step'. Remember though that there are dozens of other choices -- this was mine back in July. This is sort of an amalgam of what other guys in the forum suggested and what Alana 'teaches.'

    If you are getting p-waves, panting and cardio you have prostate contact and are stimming (whipping?) yourself into arousal. Good the body parts are working as advertised. You know how to masturbate ! (I like to do this during anal sessions with no intent to get an Orgasm. Fun and frenzy, but no cigar...because I "overshoot" where I need to be to listen to my bod and lapse into a mini-O). My first "assault" on Super-O mountain followed this path. Most of the forum's experts wisely told me that getting overly aroused wasn't the on-ramp to the Super-O and I now believe them.

    But extreme arousal is what we know best from years or decades of masturbation. The goal here is "arousal" not "frenzy." For a few months, try substituting some serious edging for simple masturbation and, try to approach each Aneros session fairly horny. If you gotta let go, let go but horny is better than sublime. And prostate horny is better than penis horny.

    While you're climbing "arousal mountain," identify your levels of arousal and score them (0-5 or A-E or with words like: numb, nice, cool, ummm, hot, wow, and Tabasco.) You're going to look for a level of arousal that will support involuntaries and won't be fatiguing -- a level that you can sustain with steady energy expenditure for, say 30-45 minutes. (obviously, this isn't the Tabasco level).

    Do the usual prep, mood setting, insertion & acclimation period.

    Go back to basics and re-affirm your 'base contraction level' (BCL).

    Stim yourself gradually to your "ummm" level. Remember to breathe. Then, by either varying intensity or frequency of prostate 'swipes', apply enough stim to just stay at the "ummm" plateau. Hold your base contraction and maintain that level of arousal (alter either frequency or peak intensity of contractions to maintain arousal.) BREATHE. Avoid judging arousal by how erect you are -- flaccid is OK -- don't bother to look if you start getting warmth in your penis or anywhere else, just savor and draw from that feeling and, BREATHE. Don't try to cultivate the penis warmth either mentally or physically. Contract-BREATHE-maintain arousal.

    Now try a slightly different contaction. Apply a "double peaked" contraction. Sort of a 'Ba-dum.' (make the first half, the "Ba" slightly stronger than the second one, the "dum." Wait a few seconds, 'listening' for a echo that's like, 'dum' Then another 'Ba-dum' and listen. This is like Sonar. Send out a ping and listen. Send out another and listen. Stick with this routine for several minutes. Frequency should be sufficient to hold your arousal. Listen carefully for the echos (involuntaries). Usually these will be anal contractions but they may be small pulses from some other part of your body. (a toe twitch, eyelid flutter etc.) Focus and keep mind noise must be as close to zero as possible. (The Alana CD has special effects that help mask mind noise.)

    If there are no echos (involuntaries), relax for a bit, rebuild the arousal and try a different sort of Ba-dum contractions with the first half (Ba) weaker than the second half (dum). If, after 10 or 15 minutes, you've not sensed any involuntaries toss in the towel and 'fight another day.' On your next session, increase or decrease arousal level.

    Once you get involuntaries, repeat the session several times and work on refining your breathing.

    Beyond CD2, rumel has assembled an excellent list of other sound and music resources including Howell's Ecstacy tracks.

    However, YMMV and you might ascend to the Super-O with Alana and then go your own way.

    Best of echos! :D
  • Hey,

    Im new to using this new toy I own a helix I have always been into trying something new as I own 2 fleshlights :) have had it for a month now progress is going good, I have had involuntariesand and some p-waves. I found it hard to relax and take my mind off stuff so as a beginer I felt I should get hold of a copy of HypnAerosession, have used it in 2 session and I downloaded it from cry baby. It was very useful to relax and a good way to help think of kinky thoughts which is vital, has helped me alot. I feel rather than moving to a new toy to get pleasure like the progasm im gona stick with my helix and alana for a while it seems to work and i feel its worth the money when your just starting out as you need to get the grips with the basics. Just came out of a session :)