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Penis and Prostate Partnership
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Almost two years ago when I began this journey I diligently read Brian, Rumel, Darwin and all the other illustrious experts sage advice. I followed it to the T. My suceess was minimal. One of the cornerstone suggestions was that penii were organs non grata in the pursuit of super o's. They are probably right in this advice for some, most or all people, but it wasn't that way for me.

    I think that we all owe much to the senior members of this club . . . I know I personally do. However all of these leaders in this little group experience we have been on have also said that everyone is different . . .and you need to discover that difference. That is part of the journey. I have discovered that I am one of those different people. I discovered my difference by experimenting. That being said, a year and a half ago I discovered that involving my one eyed friend in my aneros research has proven to be the key to open my super o door.

    Sexy mental imagery and relaxation has been step one for me. This yields a very ample erection . . I am a large guy. That erection is step two. For the last 18 months engaging that hard on with a pillow, soft mattress etc while doing the contractions has been step three. Step four has been insertion or peridii or miss eupho. Add to this slight nipple stimulation. This has usally led to step five which is super o's in waves. After two or three of these bed contact orgasms I can remove my snakely friend from any bed or human contact and proceed to enjoy the anal - prostate dry orgasms with him waving in the breeze. However he doesn't wave for long.

    A by product of super o's for me has been the loss of erection. In fact the more intense the super o.s get the move puxatawny phil goes into his cave. After 45 minutes or so I look at my self and my ample friend looks like a vulva. He is gone and nowhere to be seen. While it is a little bit of a turn on to see what I look like as a girl . . . it is a little unsettling. If I pull him out and go gack to wedging him between the bed and my belly (while on my stomach) the feeling continues to feel amazing and the o's continue ... but I do not cum. It seems that when my prostate is going to town it keeps me from ejaculating regardless of what I do with my penis. I have tried pressure points to maintain erections ...I have tried nasty imagery, masturbation ...nothing gets him to attention . . . but I never cared because I was too busy enjoying the ride from everything else that was going on. But it still bothered me.

    So I decided to try another experiment last night. I purchased one of those penis pump things. I inserted my innocent friend and sucked the air out of his little space capsule, putting him into an expanded state. I then put in my peridise and laid on my side. Within seconds I was off to the races . . . as my prostate and anus were spasming and fluttering ...each spasm caused my penis to pull back to try and get in his cave . . . but the vacuum tube thing pulled him back the opposite way. The feeling was unbelieveable. The next hour was spent with a tug of war between mr vacuum and my anus and prostate with my penis being the rope. The sensation was indeed . . . unbelievable. The orgasm was being passed between my penis, perineum, prostate and anus with no control by me whatsoever. All I could do was hang onto the bed posts for dear life while this incredible tug of war played out.

    By the time I was done I was a sweaty exhausted pile. My prostate was in a serious buzz and my penis didn't stop twitching for ten minutes. What a trip.

    The advice your differences . While the advice in this forum is invaluable it can't replace personal experimentation to see what works for you. We are all individuals.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    You are absolutely correct that we are each different and experimenting with differing techniques is what will lead one to the Super-O.

    IMHO, the primary reason for advising against penile stimulation is to create the new neural sensitivity necessary to respond to the subtle prostate based sensations and not responding based upon the traditional penile ejaculation/orgasm mechanism.

    During one's initial rewiring there is a tremendous urge to obtain orgasmic satisfaction through traditional masturbatory means. While this can and does lead one into some very pleasurable Super-T's, it also reinforces the ejaculatory response that can short circuit the development toward the Super-O.

    You have developed the technique of using initial penile stimulation to build your arousal level (an essential Super-O component) to high levels without pushing yourself into the ejaculatory response. This is commendable and I salute your self discipline in this technique. However, many newbie users have not yet developed this level of self discipline and hence the admonition against penile involvement until one has 'crossed-over' into the Super-O experience.

    Once one has made that cross-over then they will have established the new neural programming that will allow them (as it has you) to re-employ penile stimulation as part of the arousal process without slipping into an ejaculatory response.

    I find it interesting that the first part of your post spoke to the advantage of providing direct penile stimulation but by the end of your post you were extolling the virtue of having your penis in a semi-vacuum. Isn't that like coming full circle to the proposition in support of non-penile stimulation? :lol:

    You are right though, “We are all individuals.”
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    you are right ...I guess I did come around full circle in the post. When I do these things I do them stream of conciousness first draft send it out. . . so they may not be entirely cohesive. I guess my opening comment was meant just to say that for some of us it is ok for penile stimulation. . . and oh, by the way ... look what else I discovered. The beginning and the end were not intended to support each other. As always thanks for your sage commentary.