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I Peed........ :S
  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27
    First of all many thanks to artform for his wise lub advise, it made everything so easy! I was so wrong about how to apply lub.

    anyway this was my second attempt. Here's what I happened:

    My aneros got in with no problems :D it didn't hurt at all. I relaxed using the breathing exercises, and they help a lot, my ass got used to the aneros better than the last time , this time I could produce the anal contractions very easily....but it didn't feel much so I did what lynn2694 (thank you) suggested..I stopped doing the contractions and relaxed...afetr a little while I started with the feeling on the tip of my penis like the last time, but in this ocassion more pre-cum (the transparent fluid dunno what is called) came out it started to feel good, not an orgasm but it feels good when that comes out...anyway it started comming out even more and I started breathing more rapidly,, and I was thinking "something's comming" and more sensations in my penis...more pre-cum.. the sensation feels good and I wanted more to come out, finally I started feeling how everytime something was comming out of my penis, I sort of "let it go" it's hard to explain,, it felt like when you have a wet dream pressure and suddenly you cum...but this was like 5 or 6 times! and then when it started to feel even better...I peed ...a little of urine and pre-cum came out together and the next time...I peed!!!! I was like wtf!!!! and after that I felt like ahh I wanna come, and wanked with the aneros inside :P

    soo why did this happened? why did I started peeing! it was feeling better and better...and finally the anal contractions were starting to happen as they should :(

    another question,,...cummin with the aneros inside is safe? I mean...because of the strenght of the contractions

    Many thanks!
  • Yep, it's completely safe.

    And it sounds like you went into the session with a full bladder if you ask me. I might be wrong.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    You're welcome Al25 :wink:

    I'm glad that worked so well for you. Anon17564's comment/question is the point to resolve, what do you think Al25? Were you nearly full?

    Ejaculating with your aneros in? Fine and safe if hands-free as they say! And did the ejac orgasm feel any different than a regular wank? Much better? If so that could be your first Super-T! Super traditional orgasm (ejaculatory orgasm that is :P )! Did you squirt out? Or did it just flow out too?

    Back to the pre-wank events... It sounds to me like you may be a natural at deep relaxation and that can be a key ingredient for hands-free ejaculation, another skill derived or honed through Aneros training/rewiring. Read the current threads about that and do a Search on the site using the function button above in the post title bar using the term in quotes, and read what you find. So hands-free "flow" ejaculation streams may be in your future more easily than for some others...?

    In deep relaxation, until you adjust through experience here, you may go a step too deep and your body gets too casual about the little switch that keeps the urine stream closed while the semen stream is open. Or, do you have any urine flow problems? Up at night to pee?

    Your results are both interesting and very promising. Perhaps you would like to start blogging your journey so that your journal of your progress and lessons learned can benefit others too!?

    carry on with joy in your heart and your abdomen all

  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27
    many thanks artform! your comments are so clear! this is exactly what I need, in many occassions I try to read everything, but comments are hard to understand sometimes :S

    I don't remember feeling like my bladder was full when I started this last took me about 45 mins I think to get to the point of the trasnsparte fluid flowing. so maybe by that time my bladder was full and because of other sensations I didnt feel it :S weird!

    the next issue..hmmm no, it didn't feel better with the aneros fact, before this last ocassion, I wanked and came with the aneros outside and that felt way better than a normal wank. I felt like three orgasms ! I think the anal contractions when cummin are too rough for me , and sort of stopps me . I prefer cummin with my ass free :P

    I will definitely read about hands-free ejaculation, when I start getting aroused I immediately star pre-cummin, not much, but the normal, average I guess....

    I think you are right when you say that maybe I took it way too deep and sort of lost control of my urine switch , because I have no problems with urine flow ..I wake up when I have to pee.So I think your first idea is the right one. I just wish that doesn't happen again, I wanted so bad that the flowing continued:P the sensation at the tip of my penis is great and everytime something comes out feels like tingling...:P

    I was also thinking about starting a blog!

    many thanks :D

    I'll let you know what happens next time! everytime I use it is a different thing, I think I'm getting closer to something :D
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96

    Congrats! It seems as though your moving along at a rather progressed rate. The Major said he too felt that feeling of needing to pee. He relieved himself and he was able to concentrate a little more on the feelings he was having. I think that sensation is normal. Maybe next time you plan to have a session, try not to drink a lot of fluids for an hour or so before and then relieve yourself before your session, that should help. I'm glad the advice to relax helped. That's a major step to reaching the goal. As with traditional sex, movement and action is needed. This is a whole other ball game, Darlin.
    Go into your session extremely turned on and try to maybe fight the urge to make yourself cum. Think in your mind of all the things you enjoy during sex, use your can really make it exquisite! It's your fantasy, make it as great as you want!!!