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Lost that tingling feeling
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    For the last month or so, I just can't seem to make any progress with either my Helix or Progasm. This spring, I was making great progress with P-waves and some hands-free wet-Os, especially with the Progasm. I was fairly successful sleeping with it in. Since this summer, nothing is working, I can't sleep with it, neither one feels comfortable, especially since June, which was such a busy month that there was no time for Aneros, or for my wife even. Since then, I've been having aches in the testicles, trouble urinating, frequent urination, etc. I've even upped my dosage of Saw Palmetto Formula by 50%. The only thing I've done different (aside from little to no sex for a month) is changing from Slippery Stuff Gel to Probe Thick Rich, after someone here was singing the praises of it and I thought I might've missed something when I last used it. Now I'm wondering if some of it could be attributed to Probe, which for me is not as slippery nor as effective as Slippery Stuff Gel. Oh, and I've gone from fly midway briefs to flyless midway briefs.

    Any ideas?
  • McRadMcRad
    Posts: 3

    Saw Palmetto does not come under FDA scrutiny, and is not prepared with any standardization in the U.S. This means you never know the per cent of extract in any formulation, unlike say France, where it is routinely prescribed, and potency must meet certain standards.

    From my personal experience, I would suggest finding a source for "standardized' Saw Palmetto, as it does work for BPH. Recommend checking out Metagenics company as their herbals are prescription quality. They don't sell direct, but there are many distributors on the net. There may also be other companies that sell potent SP, just none that I am aware of.

    You might also consider a visit to a board certified urologist as Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) often invovles the bladder not prostate, but often appear similar to BPH, so pharmaceutical and herbal treatments are ineffective. Best to get professionally checked out.

    Hope this helps,